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Showing Message Class Information in Outlook

Level 6

A question which was posed the other day was :

How do I see what message classes my messages are in Outlook?

Well fortunately that's fairly easy to add as a column in the list of messages in a folder, in Outlook.  This short blog explains how to do that.

First of all, here is my Outlook 2007 window:

What you then do is right click anywhere on the line where it says "Arranged By: Conversation", or "Newest on top", and select Field Chooser:


From there, you choose All Mail Fields, and scroll down the list to Message Class.

You then drag and drop Message Class in to the list of columns already displayed in your folder, and after a bit of re-arranging of column widths, you will see :

In Outlook 2010 it's pretty much the same: