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Why Backup a SaaS Application?

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Who is responsible for protecting SaaS data when a user accidently deletes an important file, when a natural disaster occurs, or when you are maliciously attacked by a virus or ransomware?  Answer: You are.  While your SaaS Vendor is responsible for the infrastructure – OS, networking and applications, they are not responsible for unexpected threats like these.Untitled presentation-1.png
If your SaaS vendor is focusing on their own applications, how are you going to address your SaaS backup needs. Veritas SaaS Backup is a cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery solution that complements SaaS vendor productivity by protecting data connected to SaaS applications. 

Unlike competitive offerings, Veritas SaaS Backup protects SaaS workloads with unique capabilities:

  • Protection across the entire workload suite
  • Multiple restore options ranging from restore in place, download and restore, and restore to another file
  • Single console log-in to manage Office 365, G Suite and Salesforce suites
  • Backup, search and restore capabilities form a single console

Hear how Veritas is helping customers to protect and recover SaaS data with Veritas, SaaS Backup:



Customers will enjoy these key benefits:

  • Easy, hassle-free set-up process, which quickly links to users’ O365 and G Suite online accounts. As a cloud hosted solution, no additional investment or on-premises installation of infrastructure or software is required, and users can add and manage new accounts without costly upgrades on technology, infrastructure or administration.
  • Granular search and restore capabilities to easily preview, locate and restore the exact file, anywhere, any time and on any device.
  • Reliable, automated data protection to prevent the risk of losing data with automated features that make and retain data copies in multiple locations (but data is only retained within the geographical region(s) a customer selects). Data is automatically backed up every six hours to help ensure comprehensive protection.
  • No extra hardware purchase or software installation on-premise required because with Veritas SaaS Backup, data is hosted in the cloud.

For more information, please visit and sign up for a free 14-day trial.