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IT Analytics functionality

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We're planning a move to NB 10.1 and now Opscenter will no longer work have moved onto IT analytics.

This is a complex product and I've got it working but the functionality seems different to what I'm used to. I can no longer submit backup or restore jobs from It analytics or search the catalog for a restore location. Our environment has a lot of NAS backups with millions of files and often we get restore requests with missing info -  you would just put a directory name and a wildcard into the opscenter restore function and it would find what you need very quickly.

I can't seem to do this on IT analytics unless I've missed something - seems a step backwards when a product drops some key functionality and you are now forded to use it



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I am not yet on IT Analytics... but to find a file you can use the nbfindfile command ran on master server, where the client is being backed up.

I believe the same cmd is called out of OpsCenter server...

Please see its syntax below

I do hope you will find it useful!

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also check the "file analytics" option on the data collector.

I do not know if this will give you what you want as I have not play with IT analytics yet. For now I'm reading the manuals

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@MartinR1 Unlike opscenter you won't be able to manage your Netbackup domain (start/stop) jobs from Aptare. You won't be getting the features like Single File restore, Manual Backups, and Staring/stopping the services.

I am not sure if these are in the roadmap but you may reach out to your account manager to raise an enhancement request for these features. 



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Initiating restore jobs, restarting jobs, etc. is intended to be accomplished via the NBU Web UI.  That application has the correct controls in place to ensure that initiators of such actions have the proper NBU privileges.



NBUITA (previously Aptare) is not like OpsCenter in many aspects. It is "not" the front-end to NetBackup that allows you to do restores, run backups, and is a reporting tool "for" the backups, files, storage, and more. Just this of this as a tool to get info needed to make better decisions for your backup solution as well as a way to generate dashboards that allow you to quickly grab and report to your management.

This reporting tool instead of a management/reporting tool.