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Veritas NetBackup Self Service app for ServiceNow

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A new ServiceNow (scope) app that communicates with NetBackup Self Service has been developed and is available to download now from the attachment section below (ServiceNow App for

Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 15.02.30.png

A ‘backup & restore’ service catalogue will be created in ServiceNow with the following functionality

  • Protect a machine (add it to an NBU policy)                     
  • Unprotect a machine (remove it from an NBU policy)
  • BackupNow
  • Restore file
  • Restore VM

Machine Health information will be available in ServiceNow including alerting capability when a machine has not been backed up within a set time etc

The App will utilise's the ServiceNow CMDB for machine registration

This support's NSS 8.1.1 and above  and ServiceNow version Kingston and above. If you require support please contact me directly and we are happy to demo/workshop/assist install as required.


Level 5

This post has been updated to reflect that the ServiceNow app for NSS is now availble! (bump)

Can i know the app name is service now app store, can you also let me know if we can integrate it through mulesoft as a middleware layer between Selfservice portal and service now

Level 5

The App is not on the ServiceNow store yet, you need to download it from the link in the post above.

The App calls the NSS API only, If you wanted to build out your services through another application or middleware then you could just go direct to the NSS API, it’s fully documented.

Level 2

Hi Jon,

Can you please share if there is any Technical documentation available for this integration.

Request you to also please clarify if this xml provides all the scripts and just needs to be installed and we are good to use it or does it require additional customisations as well.

Thanks for your valuable feedback and inputs.

Level 5


The App has everything you need to get up and running, no additional scripts need to be written. You just need to configure (not customise) the App to your environment and you will need a working NSS to hook it up to.

This App has been designed to get you up and running very quickly, without the need to engage  with an integration/web services resources to hook up ServiceNow to the NSS API. 

The link below in the attachments section (ServiceNow App for NSS - Installation contains 3 files which cover:

  • Overview/Introduction (0. Getting started with the NSS ServiceNow app)
  • Installation (1. NSS ServiceNow App Installation)
  • Configuration (2. NSS ServiceNow App Configuration)

If you need any help, or would like a demo session to run through the features in more details, just drop me a line and I will orgainise a Webex.

Hi JonHunt,

Thanks for the feedback for my earlier queries. However, we are facing bit challenge to get connected to the NetBackup endpoint and the response we always recieve is "Resource not found" and 404 error.Most of the required changes have been done opening ports, configuration and so on at NetBackup side. We are not sure what is missing. Can you please guide us how to get the endpoint of NetBackup tool and what additional setup is required so ServiceNow can communicate with NetBackup via REST API. We have also performmed some tests using Postman and still facing the same error.

Your feedback would be really helpful to resolve our issues. Thank you in advance.

Level 5

Hi, this VOX article is about the 'ServiceNow App for NSS' (NetBackup Self Service), not NetBackup. The App talks to the NSS API (not the NetBackup API).

To use the 'ServiceNow App for NSS' the NSS API needs to be accessible over the Internet or you will need to deploy a MID Server. Of course, NSS  needs to be installed and configured.

In June a new 'ServiceNow App for NetBackup' will be available as part of the NSS suite and the 8.2 NSS/NBU release. This provides similar functionality to the 'ServiceNow App for NSS', but of course, you don't now need to install NSS.

The new 'ServiceNow App for NetBackup' utilises the 'Protection Plan' functionality recently added to NetBackup and will initially support VMware and Cloud workloads only, so if this will suffice you may want to wait for this?

If you need additional workloads now (Windows, Unix, Hyper-V etc) you should deploy 'ServiceNow App for NSS'.

Thanks for detailed explanation JonHunt.I missed to let you know that we have installed NSS and configured, to connect from ServiceNow mid server is installed as well and still it is the 404 error.

Can you help us with NSS configuration document or steps and if any key settings that is required at NSS for ServiceNow to communicate with NSS so that we can verify and then try to perform test connection from ServiceNow again.

Endpoint that is targetted is:


tried even:


Error is resource cannot be found, method failed 404.

Thanks for your valuable feedback.

Level 5

It looks like the API URL is not configured correctly, the URL should end with /Api


You can get the API URL from the 'About NetBackup Self Service' Link which can be accessed via the black initials circle on the top right as below


and then select the API URL as below


Thank you JonHunt. I have now checked with team and used the correct URI as per your suggestion.

And this time the error which we get is 405.

Method failed: (/NetBackupSelfServiceNetBackupPanels/Api/) with code: 405

<title>405 - HTTP verb used to access this page is not allowed.</title>

Your help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Level 5

HI, I have sent you a private message as we can discuss this better offline maybe.

Can you please post the link for service now app for netbackup

Please follow below steps:

1) Log into the, with a valid license

2) Identify the NetBackup version you are running like “8.3”, and select “Explore” (Note: ServiceNow 1.1 is available under “NetBackup 8.3” only.)

3) Select drop down next to “Base and upgrade installers”

4) You will see associated NSS, VRO and ServiceNow plugins.

5) File Name: - Description: ServiceNow App 1.1 for Veritas NetBackup