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Veritas NetBackup Self Service plug-in for VMware vRealize Automation

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Available now......

With the release of NetBackup 8.3 the latest version of the plugin is available from this article. Previously this was available as part of  NSS (NetBackup Self Service), with the NetBackup 8.3 release this will no longer be available within the NSS package.

VMware’s vRealize Automation (vRA) provides service design and automation features to streamline virtual data center management across private and public clouds. NetBackup Self Service 8.0+ delivers a vRA plug-in which allows customers to embed NetBackup backup and recovery services within the vRA portal and related workflows.

The plug-in consumes the NetBackup Self Service REST API and provides both examples and a component library with which service designers can configure tailored solutions. Examples include provision and protect orchestration and “day 2 operation” wrappers such as backup and restore VM.

Download can be found in the attachment section below : vRealize for NSS 8.2 & 8.3




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When and how can we get access to this new plugin?



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Hi Gus

Up to NSS 8.2 The plugin is shipped as part of SDK and is generally available as part of the installation at C:\Program Files\Biomni\NetBackup Self Service Adapter 8.x\SDK\v6\vRealize. Documentation is also included here.

After the NSS 8.3 release it will be availbale through this article and no longer avaialable as part of the NSS package.

Sorry I don't have a release date for NetBackup (and NetBackup Self Service) 8.3, its above my pay grade to quote a date :-), Q3 2020 would be best estimate.

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I have updated original post above and this is now available