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Problem activating built-in online backup on Norton 360

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Hello ,

Im john and i have and use Norton 360 products for many years now.

About 5 days ago, when my Norton 360 product subscription ended , i added a trial version for 1 month Norton 360 online  ,same product as i had before (the latest version), because i didnt have enough time to buy a new Norton 360 CD to get the key in order to update my subscription and activate it again for 365 days.

My problem is that 2 days ago i finally bought a Norton 360 cd retail ,and updated my subscription ,but the built in online backup does not work , and it says it cannot connect to the server in order to update my suscription . Every thing else updates perfectly ,antivirus ect.,and it says my product is activated for another 361 days.

Meanwhile i went on the backup site and tried to re initialize the subscription for online backup with the new Cd key , (as the error prompts) , in which did not work with a message that the key is invalid , i also tried the 1 month  trial key and saw the same message.

I know i renewed my subscription about 5 days late , but is that  reason enough after 4 consecutive years of using this product for it not to allow me to turn online backup back on?

or maybe its because i first renewed with the online free trial verson and before the month ended (3 days later) i just added another retail key for my main account to work and it somehow got confused? I updated the trial version from the desktop with the new Norton 360 cd key bought.

i used the online free trial version only because i wanted to be sure that my files were protected until i could actually buy the cd and input the key to renew my account as i did.

What can i do to fix this now ?

Thank you up front for your time