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Resolved! Norton Online Backup - 5GB

Ich habe am 07.03.2012 Norton Online Backup - 5 GB gekauft , bezahlt und installiert. Backup wurde jedoch, außer bei der vorhergehenden Testversion, bisher nicht durchgeführt, vielmehr erscheint die Meldung "Computer ist nicht online", was nicht den ...

b_b1 by Not applicable
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Ghost 15 not seeing Intel C600 - X79 Raid

I have a Gigabyte GA-X79-UD3 LGA 2011 Intel X79 running Windows 7 SP1 Professional 64Bit with a couple RAIDS defined under the X79 chipset. I used the normal Intel raid drivers. The same drivers which are available here under the "Latest Intel Storag...

pkn2 by Not applicable
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Netbackup 7

Hi all,   we are proposing a solution to our customer to implement a Centralized Backup Solution using NetBackup . The offered solution will be using the StorageTek SL500 Modular Library System and Sun Netra X4270 server that will be used as Master/M...

Ji1970 by Level 3
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Backing up more than one computer to "online backup"

I am a single point user, I have three computers than I want to backup using Norton online backup, do I need three accounts or is there another "upgrade" that I can do to keep each one separate? Or should I look for another solution other than "onlin...

fcrum by Level 2
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backup rman failed error (82) media manager killed by sign

 Info nbjm (pid=7688) starting backup job (jobid=38479) for client taghit, policy oracle_HOT_taghit, schedule oracle_simple_taghit 11 déc. 2011 13:11:49 - Info nbjm (pid=7688) requesting STANDARD_RESOURCE resources from RB for backup job (jobid=3847...

sad by Level 2
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Looking for best Ghost Server software for win...

Hi, I'm looking for Ghost Server Software for win. OS, need to: Create Images fasts to Network, (Maybe with boot disk) Create new computer using those GHost files - from network. and managed it,   What u suggest me to use? Thanks...

B007 by Not applicable
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Ghost 15 error ED800012

We just got 99 licenses of Ghost to do some cold imaging of our hardware. I've got the recovery disk and tried it out on an external USB drive, but every time the backup goes to verify, I get an ERROR ED800012. I've tried turning of compression and t...

DanFr by Level 3
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how to add/edit schedule in netbackup

Hi ,   I tried to create a schedule using bpadm utility but i structed at one level ..pls see attached image.  i would like to add schedule on  first sunday of every month. but i have given that and not able to go further steps. pls help me and i tri...

can't connect to PcA host that is on a Win7 PC

I have PcA12.5 on a number of Pc's. 2 with win7x64 and the rest with XPsp2. None of the PC's can connect to the Win7 hosts over the internet. I can connect to them over the local network with their static IP address but not across the ...

DrDale by Not applicable
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Norton Ghost error E7C30010

I tried to recover my computer and at the end I received follorwin error msg: Erro E7C30010: Device \\,\physicalDrive0 cannot write 12,288 sectors starting at LBA 2,048. Error 00000057: The parameter is incorrect. I have done what's writen in http://...

PolH by Not applicable
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cannot access PGP disk

I have PGP Desktop Home version 9.1 on Windows XP which has been operating without problem until now. Now I cannot access an encrypted PGP disk. I am getting the following error message. "The passphrase you entered is not a valid passphrase for the P...

TxPony by Not applicable
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Stolen laptop still being backed up.

My wife's laptop was stolen a few months ago.  It has Norton 360 installed.  My wife got a new laptop and when she looked at her on-line back-up there are now files from the new 'owner'.  We don't want to have Norton kill the account since we may be ...

Software for backup.

Hi Friends, I have a server with windows server 2003 (File server) and a HP DAT 160 External USB Tape drive. Please suggest me for backup software solution.  System Details. Server Hardware   : DELL PE R710. Operating System : Windows Server 2003.  T...

arul by Not applicable
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Compatibility of Master NetBackup and Oracle Agent

Dear Gurus, I have a few question. currently we running oracle database 9i and using Master Netbackup v5. We plan to upgrade the Oracle DB to 10g ( Is Oracle Agent v5 compatible with Oracle DB 10g? if not, what version NBU oracle agent that...

Fah by Not applicable
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Ghost Cast Server Imp Suite 2.5.1

We currently trying to setup a ghost cast server with PXE server and when the client computer boots, I get a TCP/IP error when I add the -ja = session parameters, what should I do?


Hello, I was just wondering how to make sure that my Quickbooks program is being backed up.