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Announcing General Availability for NetBackup 8.1!

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Wow! What an exciting time to be a Veritas customer and partner!

Back to back, NetBackup 8.0 and 8.1 are perhaps the two most significant consecutive releases in NetBackup history. NetBackup 8.0 provided the foundation to leverage the rich Veritas portfolio of multi-cloud data management solutions and with building on version 8.0, NetBackup 8.1 delivers on the promise of modern data protection and advanced information management like never before.

Here are some of the highlights of the many multi-cloud challenges that NetBackup 8.1 helps solve: 

Harnessing the Power and Economics of Multi-Cloud with Confidence

We’re seeing customers accelerate their move from traditional data center computing to “the multi-cloud” – a combination of on-premises, public, hybrid, and multiple clouds to best address an organization’s workloads, use cases and user needs for increased agility and reduce cost.  As more companies continue their transitions to the multi-cloud, they face the challenge of effectively managing and protecting their most precious commodity – their data:  

  • NetBackup CloudCatalyst: Delivers up to 3x faster end-to-end dedupe performance than our competitors by eliminating the added cost of the dedupe rehydration tax and third-party appliances with seamless deduplication from the data center to multi-cloud dramatically reducing the time, cost, and network bandwidth usage for cloud storage. It also includes support for Amazon and Microsoft Azure.
  • Veritas-certified Cloud-storage connectors: Now with over 40+ fully tested, Veritas-certified cloud-connectors, NetBackup continues to expand choice and options for customers to ensure customers can leverage multi-cloud with for long-term retention confidence.

Protect Modern Workloads and Future Proof Our Customer’s Data Protection Investment

Our customers keep telling us that NetBackup unified data protection is really the best and most reliable, heterogeneous solution available. As NetBackup continues to evolve and support existing workloads like VMware and Oracle, we are also helping customers embrace and protect those modern, next-generation workloads driving their transformation to the digital enterprise. The result is that organizations can now adopt these modern workloads, whether big data, hyperconverged or open source with confidence, knowing that their data, even in massive volumes, will be protected. 

  • NetBackup Parallel Streaming: With this new, patented, Veritas Parallel Streaming technology available in NetBackup 8.1, modern scale-out and hyperconverged workloads can be backed up and protected with extreme efficiency by leveraging the power of dynamically scaling multiple backup hosts in parallel. And, since new workloads can be added via an agentless, easily downloaded plug-in rather than a software agent, organizations can add new workloads without having to wait for a next NetBackup software release to protect their Hadoop, HBase, MongoDB, Casandra, Nutanix, VMware Cloud Foundation, and other cloud-scale, hyperconverged workloads. #parallelstreaming
  • NetBackup for Open Source RDBMS workloads: Six out of ten RDBMS applications today are open source because they reduce cost and offer flexibility. NetBackup 8.1 delivers agent based, but release independent, support for Open Source RDBMS workloads like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, SQLite, and more.
  • NetBackup for VMware: VMware is still the primary virtualization technology in the enterprise and this highly requested option for granular, VMDK Level, backup and recovery options for VMware is now available.
  • NetBackup Accelerator for Isilon: 50 percent faster Isilon backup support for growing data workloads.
  • NetBackup Copilot for Oracle – Instant Access: Leveraging the availability of backed-up data in the NetBackup appliance, DBAs now have instant access to their Oracle applications directly from the appliance with Oracle Instant Recovery.

Secure, Easy-to-Deploy, and Flexible Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

  • NetBackup Secure Communications:  Safe and secure on any network for the multi-cloud.
  • NetBackup Virtual Appliances for Remote Office and Data Center:  Veritas delivers more flexibility and deployment options to easily integrate into any customer’s environment than any other data protection vendor.  With the virtual appliance for Remote Office expanded to 16 TB, and the new for the Data Center supporting up to 250 TB, the options to deploy the ‘right-for-me’ data protection infrastructure from the data center, to the remote office, to multi-cloud has never been easier.

NetBackup Platform Continues to Expand 360 Data Management Support for Multi-Cloud

  • NetBackup + Access: Reduces the cost of long-term data retention by seamlessly integrating end-to-end data protection and scale out, heterogeneous, software defined storage. 
  • NetBackup OST + Velocity: Velocity seamlessly integrates with NetBackup to reduce the high cost and risk of copy data sprawl and accelerate dev/ops team performance by delivering production workloads on-demand.
  • InfoMap S3 + Access: Expands visibility across S3 multi-cloud storage with InfoMap to reduce the cost and risk associated with siloed, unprotected data.

This release also delivers many other important and eagerly anticipated new features and functionality, such as usability improvements and a continued focus on product security. The GA software and the associated license keys are available to customers and Partners from the MyVeritas portal.


"Is Your Data Center Multi-Cloud Ready?"  

Don’t miss our virtual launch event where top experts from Microsoft, Nutanix, and Veritas discuss how to successfully transition IT operations to the multi-cloud.  

When:  Tuesday, October 24th @ 10am (PST)/1pm (EST)

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