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Announcing General Availability of NetBackup 8.1.2

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Welcome to the latest release of NetBackup, version 8.1.2. Don’t let the double-dot version number fool you - there’s a lot to love in this release.

First and foremost, there is our new web UI. It’s no secret that NetBackup’s Java user interface is very old and long due for a facelift, but this new UI is much more than a facelift. Thanks to help from many of you, we’ve analyzed how you do your jobs and found ways to dramatically streamline your workflows. In some cases, we have reduced the number of clicks from over 30 to only 3! Naturally this will allow you to get your work done a lot faster, but that’s only part of what makes this UI so amazing.

The new UI is designed to be very simple, which means you can safely let other users (such as VM admins) do some of the work with minimal training. With role-based access control, we’ve given you an easy way to place guard rails that will prevent others from doing something they’re not supposed to do. And with audit tracking you can keep a close eye on users who know enough to be dangerous.

The new dashboard gives you a one-stop shop to view the most important information in one place. You can manage from mobile devices if you want, letting you check status and take action while on the move. Lastly, if you don’t have time to learn the new UI right now, go ahead and use the Java UI. We’re not getting rid of it just yet.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. NetBackup 8.1.2 introduces other capabilities that will allow you to protect more workloads, access data faster, lower maintenance costs, and plan for growth:

  • Protect new workloads including Azure Stack, HBase, MongoDB, and VMware Cloud on AWS.
  • Orchestrate cloud snapshots on AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.
  • Orchestrate storage system snapshots on HDS, HPE, EMC, and Pure.
  • Access data faster without agents by using Instant Access for VMware.
  • Reduce upgrade times by automating or eliminating client agent updates.
  • Integrate to automate with the expanded NetBackup REST API library.
  • Write your own plugins to protect workloads with the new Parallel Streaming SDK.
  • Monitor usage and consumption in real-time with Veritas Smart Meter.

For existing NetBackup customers, go ahead and download the software today to get started.

For everyone else, please give us a call and we’d be happy to show you what you’re missing.