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The mainstreaming of cloud in almost every aspect of enterprise computing means changes for backup administrators. To protect and recover cloud workloads and data across a hybrid multi-cloud environment, you need data protection that integrates and works seamlessly with a broad range of cloud platforms. At the same time, you continue to need specialized capabilities to protect your on-premises data centers and remote and branch offices.

Today, we’re announcing general availability of NetBackup 8.0 with expanded cloud options for cloud integration and cloud-based NetBackup instances:

  • Expanded cloud integration with support for Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, SoftLayer and SwiftStack
  • Faster deployment of NetBackup in AWS with the new NetBackup Amazon Machine Image

A big challenge for data protection today is that even within a single organization, different groups use different point products and tools for their backup and recovery jobs. This leaves backup administrators with a concerning lack of visibility and management control over the data, and the assurance that what these different groups are putting in the cloud is not exposing the organization to added risks.   

NetBackup 8.0 solves this challenge with a solution-level approach that no point-product vendor can match. The direct integration between NetBackup and Information Map enables organizations to not only protect the data, but identify opportunities throughout their hybrid multi-cloud environment to optimize data storage and reduce data risk in as little as 24 hours. By rendering storage data in visual context, Information Map guides users towards the areas throughout their environment that are stale, mismanaged, overprotected and exposed or simply of further investigative interest.  With this knowledge of the true composition of the data they’re storing, the backup administrator and the different groups are empowered to have informed dialogues about optimizing the data protection processes and better data governance, which I believe will massively benefit their cloud migration projects.

I am excited about the new cloud capabilities that are now available in NetBackup 8.0. To learn more, please do checkout Ralph’s video on Veritas Cloud Data Protection.