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Veritas Flex Appliance Simplifies Data Protection


The Veritas Flex Appliance: Data Protection On-Demand


Couple_watching TV in the living room-Top view_06.jpgA few weeks ago, I watched the PBS series Sherlock. I had seen a few episodes and I wanted to fill in the ones I missed. With a video streaming service, I watched the episodes I wanted to watch, when I wanted to watch them, in the order I wanted to watch them, on-demand.

The Veritas Flex Appliance, launched in March, is an entirely new concept in delivering data protection services. Data-protection environments can be created as easily as it was for me to tune-in the Sherlock series. Data-protection infrastructure can literally be created and deployed in minutes with a few clicks, on-demand.


With a streaming service I can access TV series, movies and documentaries from multiple networks, studios and even countries; they are all consolidated in one place. Consolidation simplifies how I choose what I watch and enhances my viewing experience.

The Flex Appliance provides the same benefits of consolidation. Multiple data protection environments can be consolidated on a single Flex Appliance, again in a few minutes with a few clicks. This saves time and money by reducing complexity and data-center foot print.

Data Protection Defined by Your Information

Today I can easily change when and what I watch as my needs change. I can change from my mystery series binging to travel shows when planning a vacation, or tune into documentaries to learn about current events. Not only that, but I have the ability to watch my shows at 2AM if my only free time is late at night. My lifestyle defines how I consume entertainment. In the past I had to fit my lifestyle to the TV network schedule.

With the Flex appliance, your data protection infrastructure is defined by your information. When information needs change, re-configure the infrastructure in minutes with a few clicks. No need to shoe-horn information into a fixed data protection configuration.

The Flex Appliance provides on-demand, information defined data protection. Consolidating multiple data protection deployments on a Flex appliance simplifies your data protection infrastructure and saves money.

The Flex Appliance may not make managing a data protection environment as easy as watching TV, but it’s getting close.

To learn more about the Flex Appliance and how it works listen to the podcast with Ashish Patwardhan, Product Manager for the Flex appliance and visit the Flex Appliance Page on


Happy viewing!!