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Cannot view backup sets on restore wizard

After upgrading veritas 21.1 to 21.2 I faced this problem.When I want to restore a database, On restore wizard, I cannot see any files to restore in the selection panel. although backup was successful. 

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Resolved! Duplication options

I can't find any information on this.I can see a description of Duplicate options here, Backup Exec 21.3 Help ( Source, it says "All Backups", "Most Recent Full Backup", and "Selected Backups".I understand what "Most Recent Full Backu...

netbackup puredisk regeneration error

HiI tried to delete the internal disk (puredisk) on the version 7.7.3 windows 2008 master server and get it back.The deletion was completed, but when I tried to catch it again, the deduplication manager and engine did not start and I could not catch ...

How to set job max execution time for duplicate job?

Hello,we have a customer which does Backup->Nas->UsbDisk backups.The copy Nas->UsbDisk job is running, as soon as the fullbackup is finished.Now we have the problem, that the job aborts due to "Max. execution time reached", which is about 2days.But u...


Communication Failure During a Local Backup

Recently I have encountered issue in backing up the files from its own with the communication failure as per attached job log.P/S: Backup Server is also a File Server. One server with 2 roles.

OngKK by Level 0
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Resolved! Exclude list windows

Hi guys, could you help me with a case?I'm trying to put files (.pif) that are showing error during backup in the exclude list in the properties of a client, the path I inserted has special characters, like "ç and ~", when I close the properties and ...

danguss by Level 4
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monitoring with Zabbix

Hello, I am looking for monitoring plugins for Netbackup and then I need to find something for ZABBIX. Anybody has something like this or know where I can find these? 

EXIT STATUS 41: Netwourk connection timed out !

Hi,Infrastructure :Master Server Windows 2008R2 : v8.0 NBUMedia Server Windows 2008R2 : v8.0 NBUProblèmes :The certificate of the master is revoke and impossible to generate an other even with a token.The master have 3 certificates:One Start on 2037 ...

Dackey by Level 4
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Netbackup 8.1.1 & VMWare backups

Have 6 media servers.  Two are dedicated to VM backups.  The others for client based backups.I am interested in making two more of these 6 servers available for VM backups (and also still maintain their client based backups as well).  I was told by t...

Resolved! Agent Priviledge Requirements on RHEL 7

I'm deploying the NB agent v8 and v9 to RHEL 7.7 and 7.9. I'm wondering what priviledge it requires to run on the target RHEL server. Our backup team are saying it needs to run as the root user but our security team would naturally prefer that not be...

shocko by Level 4
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Resolved! NetBackup 9.1 - Exclude storage Disks - Linux

Hi,I'm trying to create a NetBackup Policy (standard) to backup only  the file systems mounted in internal disks.My Redhat server has internal disks and some external disks (storage disks).I already tried in backup selections "/" and all file systems...

Most common cases for Automation using NBU API

HelloI am new to NBU API’s. I am currently involved in an opportunity wherein customer asking for most common use cases for automation using NBU API.Can someone post what actions they automated and how they achieved?Thanks

NetBackup SLP verifying backup in cloud

Hi,I just want to ask if how can we verify the duplicated data in the cloud if is recoverable or to test restore from cloud.Our scenarioMaster Server Physical , Media Server (NBU Appliance) and Cloud Storage (for the offsite copy)We have SLP - the pr...

Hypeka by Level 4
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