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Posted on Sep 20, 2023

Accelerator V3 – Faster and more efficient Virtual Machine backups – Powered by ReFS Block Cloning

Moderator Moderator
Employee Accredited Certified

Backup Exec 22.2 brings you faster virtual machine backups powered by ReFS block cloning technology. Consolidate full ba...

Posted on Aug 8, 2023

Anomaly Detection in Backup Exec

Level 1 Digambar Level 1

Backup Exec has added a feature named Anomaly detection that monitors job metadata to detect unusual patterns of backups due to any events such as a ransomware attack.

Posted on Aug 2, 2023

Ransomware Resilience in Backup Exec

Cyberattacks remain a hot topic in the news as more and more businesses and institutions become targets for criminals. The reality that we are all vulnerable to an attack is prompting many in our comm...

Posted on Jul 5, 2023

10 Minutes to Get Your Backup and Recovery Jobs Running Again After a Site Failure

Level 2 smoulton Level 2

NetBackup Flex Scale includes automation to make it quick and easy to recover and get your data protection jobs back up ...

Posted on Jun 16, 2023

Understand, Plan and Rehearse Ransomware Resilience series - Day 1

Level 1 Rachelzhu Level 1

Most of the ransomwares will scan the target network and delete or encrypt files stored on network shares and propagate ...

Posted on Jun 14, 2023

Understand, Plan and Rehearse Ransomware Resilience series - Design to Recover

Level 1 Rachelzhu Level 1

Cyber Incident Response Teams must be well-equipped with the right tools and knowledge to manage a ransomware attack and...

Posted on Jun 13, 2023

Understand, Plan and Rehearse Ransomware Resilience series - Access and Improve

Level 1 Rachelzhu Level 1

Ransomware uses stolen credentials to gain access to backup systems and then delete, encrypt or expire the backup data. ...

Posted on Jun 12, 2023

Secure the keys to your data kingdom

Level 1 Rachelzhu Level 1

Today's attackers increasingly use stolen credentials to access sensitive resources and destroy your last line of defense from ransomware. According to CrowdStrike's Global Threat Report, 80% of cyber...

Posted on May 8, 2023

The Backup Exec 22.2 Beta Program - Register Now!

Level 1 DylonM Level 1

Visit the following link to register: Backup Exec 22.2 BETA program

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