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Deploying NetBackup in the AWS Cloud

Level 4

In partnership with Amazon, Veritas has created a Bring Your Own License (BYOL) based solution to deploy a NetBackup Primary, Media, and/or CloudPoint server(s) from one simple template.  It’s never been easier to create an entire NetBackup architecture in the cloud or selected component of your backup infrastructure within minutes.

Learn More: NetBackup for AWS Deployment Guide 

6 Steps for a Successful Deployment

  1. AWS account with an active subscription, with privileges to create a new VPC and a m4.xlarge EC2 or higher instance.
  2. Valid key pair for the region in which you want to deploy NetBackup.
  3. For Cloud Recovery deployment, you may require the privileges to create an IAM role in the AWS account.
  4. Valid NetBackup license key.
  5. NetBackup Usage Insights Customer Registration key for your account
  6. Meet system and instance requirements. Refer to the compatibility lists.

With those best practices in mind, you are now ready to start your deployment of NetBackup in AWS Cloud. Watch this video to see a few simple steps how to configure your deployment:

For an in depth view on how to perform the deployment, please refer to