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Discover enhanced Kubernetes support in NetBackup 10

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  .pngOrganizations today are evolving their infrastructure to minimize cost while maximizing security, simplicity, and agility. Kubernetes has emerged as the leading solution, providing the benefit of containers, cloud-like management of resources, simple scalability, the power of orchestration, and the value of distributed cloud. NetBackup’s support for Kubernetes has enabled organizations to orchestrate, back up, and recover Kubernetes mission-critical workloads and applications. 

NetBackup 10 with Cloud Scale Technology has enhanced every aspect of data management, bringing about a historic leap forward in its support for Kubernetes. NetBackup offers the industry's broadest support for Kubernetes cloud-native environments with improvements in operational simplicity, resiliency, and flexibility. Allowing you to take full advantage of leading ransomware resiliency with elastic data movement, automatic discovery, and flexible recovery, amongst other features now available in NetBackup. 

NetBackup 10 unlocks new Kubernetes support, including: 

  • Data Movement - Recover anything anywhere within multiple namespaces and clusters. Flexible data movement provides the infrastructure to tap into the deduplication and Ransomware benefits Veritas provides. Click here to learn more about the Veritas ransomware resiliency strategy.
  • Simplified Native Deployment –  Simplify installation, configuration, and management of deployments without installing third-party components. And achieve better performance and support for snapshots with native multi-thread support.
  • Automated Backup - Dynamically discover all new namespaces on the Kubernetes cluster and apply protection based on defined smart policies. Establish labels as a parameter for protecting namespaces without manual intervention.
  • Distribution Mobility – Unify your data protection solution across multiple distributions of Kubernetes. Backup anywhere and recover anywhere, significantly increasing your data recovery capabilities.
  • Database Consistent Backups – Consistently backup your database during the backup of Kubernetes application namespace.
  • Cluster Recovery - Recover Kubernetes clusters back to a known state while enhancing data recovery and ransomware resilience. 

We announced these features and our vision to deliver autonomous data management at February's Conquer Every Cloud event. Catch the reply here.

Ready to upgrade or renew Veritas NetBackup? Contact your preferred Veritas Channel Partner or Veritas Account Manager today to discuss your options, and be sure to ask them how Veritas subscription can support your digital transformation. If you're unsure who to contact, email our Customer Care team or request a call from our Sales Team. New to NetBackup? Download the latest version of Veritas NetBackup from our trialware page to test the best-in-class enterprise backup and recovery. 

Get even more resources, demonstrations, and tell us what you think about these features in the NetBackup User Group.