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Protecting your Oracle Databases with NetBackup 10: It’s Never Been Easier


Database administrators support a company's most business-critical applications – databases. They are accountable for ensuring their availability, and because of the mission-critical nature of the job, they require complete control over the access, security, data integrity, and resiliency of the databases they manage.

For Oracle databases, NetBackup has consistently provided unique capabilities that give DBAs the protection they require while allowing them to retain control, and these capabilities have expanded over time.

NetBackup Self-Service provides a consolidated, dashboard-style portal with direct control over data protection. Copilot for Oracle allows DBAs to use RMAN to control backups directly in conjunction with NetBackup Appliances. And Oracle Intelligent Policies allow DBAs to automatically protect multiple Oracle database instances, all from creating a single policy.

And now, with NetBackup 10, we have added two exciting new enhancements to our Oracle support:

  • NetBackup Deduplication Direct for Oracle – this new lightweight plug-in leverages our MSDP (Media Server Deduplication Pool) and the power of RMAN to provide client-side deduplication and self-service restores. Setup is simple, with no client install required.
  • Universal Shares for Oracle – This is our next evolution of Copilot for Oracle – providing all of the same functionality without the previous requirement of an Appliance, and giving you virtually limitless options for how (and where) to protect your Oracle databases. 

Combining these two new technologies, along with Oracle Intelligent Policies, provides a truly industry-leading combination of flexibility, performance, and simplicity for Oracle data protection – and it is just another step in our journey to Veritas' vision of Autonomous Data Management.

We're excited to have you join us!

To learn more about these new capabilities, see the What's New for Oracle with NetBackup 10 discussion post here:

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