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Join us in sharing a new Vision at Veritas

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Let’s talk IT priorities. What’s your organization’s “heads-down” IT demand? Given the building data and storage needs present among most enterprise organizations, IT teams are tasked with prioritizing. Between the assortment of interconnected topics like cloud-based, hyperconverged, container-centric big data storage, it’s understandable many IT professionals express a need to find a means to focus.

Of course, these newer areas of investment are frequently an addition to data center familiars: physical and virtual infrastructure, co-existing Windows, Linux, Unix environments, mission-critical custom apps, the always-present skills gap and downward pressures on IT budgets. 

What’s at the heart of all the leading priorities? Data.

Today, data doesn’t double every 2-3 years as it once did – we’re on the path to data doubling multiple times in the same year; which is to say, things are progressing quickly.

As a leader in enterprise data management and drawing from conversations with customers and with attention to innovation, we’ve maintained a decades-long high standard for data management at Veritas. Read the announcement we shared this week on our leadership in data protection, software-defined storage and archiving.

From our experience, these are a few meaningful questions to begin to improve your organization’s approach to managing its data:

  • How do you manage building data across a growing, diverse IT infrastructure?
  • How do you protect data amassed by your organization?
  • How do you balance risk and reward?
  • How do you prove compliance in a world of GDPR?
  • How do you enable continuity in a world of ransomware?
  • How do you better align IT in support of your organization’s needs?

We believe secondary storage is the best place to manage data for costs and risks, and to provide the opportunity to analyze and understand the stored resources of your organization. And this has to start with data protection.

Better data management includes protection.

Data protection is much more than just backup – it’s orchestration, resiliency, classification, and migration. It’s a strategy and path to organizational clarity; to self-provisioning and self-support – ensuring production resources remain for production applications.

A new Vision at Veritas.  

Veritas is the undisputed leader in enterprise data management and protection, with solutions ready today, scalable into the future. But don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself. This year, we’re shaking things up by hosting a series of more personalized forums rather than one global Vision event, allowing attendees to access leading data management experts, attend hands-on labs and technical workshops, and receive localized training.

Joining Veritas in Solution Days, you’ll:

  • Uncover the possibilities in your NetBackup foundation;
  • Understand how to protect modern deployments like Nutanix, big data workloads like Hadoop and HBase, and open source databases like MongoDB, MariaDB, and MySQL in ways that provide greater performance at greater scale, and at 4x less than competitive offerings;
  • Learn how Veritas’ new scale-out, hyperconverged platform dramatically simplifies enterprise data protection at half the cost of the competition;
  • Gain insight to integrated resiliency and DR orchestration, including the benefits of each to address IT service continuity needs;
  • Discover how Veritas’ integration of machine learning to solutions provide a more intelligent, predictive environment.

In essence, you’ll learn how the right foundation empowers your organization’s 360 data management strategy from the industry leader in data protection software.

We invite you to join, and follow the global Veritas Vision Solution Day (VSD) events here on VOX.

And I’ll share personal highlights from VSD events, including key trends in data protection from the discussions that take place with customers and partners, via LinkedIn and Twitter.