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Meet Our Veritas Vision Speakers - Part 1

Level 3

When you think of the best tech conferences you’ve been to in your career, what stands out most in your mind? Sure, the entertainment, networking, and overall conference vibe are the details I think of as the event takes place and shortly afterwards.Vision Superheroes.png

However, the element I think has the most long-lasting effect on me is around the content takeaways and speakers. Did they motivate me? Or perhaps did they encourage me to do something new? Or did they give me enough valuable insights that I can actually use in my organization?

We’re really keeping this sentiment in mind as we plan Veritas Vision. Over the next few blog posts, I will be introducing you to our subject matter expert speakers. (Think of them as super heroes of our organization.) And also make sure to check out the full session line up

Ali Blog Update.pngChad Blog Update.pngCharles Blog Update.pngDan Blog Update.pngDarren Blog Update.pngHarsha Blog Update.pngJoe Blog Update.png

Stay tuned for our next post. In the meantime, if you haven’t already registered, here is a quick link for more details.