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Modern Data Protection at Veritas Vision 2017

Level 3

What is your modern data protection strategy? Is it well defined or perhaps just at the beginning stages? With important multi-cloud considerations to evaluate, this will be a critical topic to explore further at Veritas Vision 2017.

To help get us ready for the conversation at the conversation, I met with Ian Wood, Veritas Senior Director of Solutions Marketing to provide more details. Here are his modern data protection insights:

What is the question you hear of the most regarding modern data protection?   



What is your biggest modern data protection concern keeping you up at night?  



For our audience members who are going to attend Veritas Vision 2017, what is the most critical aspect of modern data protection they should keep in mind?  



As the attendees come out of Veritas Vision 2017, what key modern data protection learnings you’d like them to take away? 



From your perspective of the overall Veritas Vision 2017 experience, what’s one thing you recommend that attendees shouldn’t miss?  



On a more personal side, what is your favorite part of the Veritas Vision experience? 


Good information to keep in mind for Veritas Vision 2017! Thanks for sharing your insights Ian. What are your main focuses around modern data protection? I’m interested to hear from you. Share your insights as we continue the conversation leading up to the conference.

And stay tuned for our next post. In the meantime, if you haven’t already registered, here is a quick link for more details.