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Test your legal knowledge in the eDi$covery Cab at LegalTech Event 2013

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12 years ago
We know how much you miss taking the bar. Or perhaps you just miss the excitement of the certified fraud examiner or forensic accountant exams. We understand—you long to showcase your legal trivia expertise again. To satisfy your craving, Symantec is offering a chance to test your hard earned eDiscovery knowledge at LegalTech, and to do it under game show pressure. Are you ready to meet the challenge…find out more here. At LegalTech New York 2013, a few lucky attendees will be selected to face celebrity host Ben Bailey in the eDi$covery Cab. Picking up outside the Hilton, next to the infamous Symantec and Sweetery food truck café, attendees will have a chance to take a ride, answer eDiscovery related questions and win cash. Not an expert on FRCP rule 26 (a) through (g)? Then bring your fellow LTNY-attending colleagues and compete as a team.  To have a chance to play, LegalTech 2013 attendees must register here. Symantec will match all winnings in the eDi$covery Cab and donate to the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City for Hurricane Sandy relief, supporting long term restoration efforts in New York City. Contestants will also have the opportunity to donate their winnings to the same fund.     Don’t miss our microsite for a look at Symantec’s LTNY 2013 presence, complete with the LegalTech New York video series, SuperSession schedules and details of the daily MacBook Air photo contest.
Published 12 years ago
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