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NBU 10x tape 2 tape copy (inline copy) clarification.

Hi people:We have a 4 drive LTO9 library, Master/media server is Windows2022 and NBU 10.1.2. I have some policies that do a two tape copy of data to different pools. For example, mydata policy have two schedulesforeverfull schedule make a backup to M...

VOX Platform Upcoming Updates

Hello VOX Community, Thank you for supporting VOX by continuously contributing discussions, questions, and kudos to our vibrant community. Over the next few weeks, VOX will undergo a series of updates, allowing the community experience to become stre...

benspickard by Community Manager
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MSL2024 Robotic Partition reconfiguration

Hi,I have a Query at a company running Backup Exec version 21.4  using an HP LTO tape library with two drives and 24 tape slots.  The previous IT guy is gone but left the partition with 14 partitions.  The first 1 -11 is a single partition and the re...

MrBlue by Level 2
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Duplication to tape via BYO media server opinion.

HiI have a 5250 appliance that backs up enterprise vault data with the help of a BYO media server that has 4 connected tape drives that i have dedicated just for the EV backup workload. I have the SLP duplication operation to write this EV data to ta...

chris86 by Level 3
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NBU ITA - Where are the MS SQL DB Names?

NBU IT Analytics 11.4.0 Running on Linux 8.8 (RedHat) I need to generate a report that will give me the Client host name, SIP policy name, Schedule name, and the list of databases that that policy backs up. (i.e. srvr123, SIP_bkup_prod, Full, mssqlse...

DPeaco by Moderator
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Duplicate/copy backup images from tape to tape

Hi, I have gotten a request to duplicate/copy 2 tapes to new tapes. On each tape there's 1 backup set.  The backup environment has 2 tape drives attached. I just need a 1-1 copy of tape in order to have an extra copy.If I right click the backup set I...

jqei by Level 2
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DFS servers backup

Hello,I'd like to ask you if it's totally enough to back-up several DFS servers via one Policy, using just 'ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES' option in its Backup Selection?I'm curious about the recovery operations if such congifuration is sufficient (so far I haven...

Resolved! Oracle to Netbackup Copilot

Hello,I'm trying to implement Copilot for Oracle. I've set up the SLPs and registered the test instance, but NBU is unable to perform a backup with the error:Unable to perform a manual backup with policy "test". The policy does not have a list of fil...

bakra by Level 2
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Problem BackupExec 21 After Crash

A backup server had a problem, I reinstalled it on another machine, using the same previous storage (NAS), I was able to run the catalog without any problems, but it can no longer establish the trust relationship with VMWare, it reports an error when...

Catalog job paused

Hi,Does anyone know why a catalog job paused and how to resolve the issue on B2D disk?  It says the Device is paused and that's fault because the Device is not paused.  Restarting the Backup Exec services does not help, the catalog job still paused a...


Any one has access to this documentation I am trying to install and config EV during the installation Exchange server is not getting detected. may be due to RPC service not enabled ? 

Kamal_SA by Level 3
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