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SQL Query to delete Index Location

Hi AllA SQL DBA at a customer ran a command that created a new Index location, not updated the current one , and I want to delete it. I want to remove the U:\xxx path from SQL. What's the best SQL query to run to remove this Index path?

Index Query 2.png.jpg

Can not open a technical support case

After I registered an account, I have accessed Support tab to open a technical support case. But a pop up has requested "reset password - Your password has expired. To reset your password please complete the form below".So, I can not finish to open a...

SQL Restore stay in "begin reading" for more than 6 hours

Hello, I try to restore a BD SQL (250GB) from in the same server, but the restore stuck in "begin reading" for more than 3 hours and then fail with the status 2850 but in the detail job is Error 62 timer expired, i change the "client read time out" i...

Backup Exec Restore Error E0008105

Hi, We are having an issue with backup exec where we are unable to restore any files. We have run the inventory and catalog and even swapped the drive out to our second drive to try and get this to work but it always return the same error code (E0008...

Backup Exec Migration fails Error 1602

When migrating Backup Exec V22 from Windows Server 2012R2 to a new machine running Windows Server 2022, the migration assistant fails giving an error code 1602. I am using an admin account with all the necessary privileges; it fails at the very end o...

Resolved! switching HW encryption on/off when tapes are partially full

Hello, just to want to know if somebody has the same experience (it is about HP library LTO7 HW encryption, but it probably does not matter): - when you switch HW encryption from on to off , Active/Full media with encrypted images cannot be read/writ...

Michal_Mikulik1 by Moderator
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migrate On-Premise Solution to Hybrid Environment

hello everyone, I am currently working on a migration project of a NetBackup solution (software/hardware) that has 95% of the hardware obsolete and without support and licensing by capacity, is studying the option of migrating to a hybrid solution th...

Resolved! Does the NetBackup 7.5 client support CentOS 7?

Hey all!I know this is a question about an older version of NetBackup, but unfortunately the documentation is rather unhelpful - all of it points me to Symantec knowledge base articles that, obviously, no longer link to anything.We aren't planning on...

FETB BAckup Exec 22

Hello Guys, I hope you are doing well. I would like to know about licensing on Backup Exec 22. I mean, is possible to protect 70TB using 1 BE simple core pack? According to license calculator I can protect until 5 instance, so I need to protect only ...

User privilages on NBU clients

Hello Everyone,Most of my clients are linux serversEvery time I troubleshoot these clients regarding any issue I use the root account to do some stuff as below:edit /etc/hostsrunning netbackup commandscreating log directories under /usr/openv/netback...

AIX backup fails with certificate error

NetBackup on master and media Version client software installed on AIX VM. The backup fails with 7654 - The Certificate Revocation List is invalid. We have removed and totally re-installed the NBU client software. Issue still happens....

DPeaco by Moderator
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Error Exchange 2013 backup via DAG

HiI've configured an MS-EXCHANGE policy to backup Exchange using the DAG address.What I indicate as a client is the DAG FQDN "DEVDAG01.predomain.local" and as a backup selection is Microsoft Exchange Database Availability Groups:\DEVDAG01.predomain.l...

AlexeyF by Level 3
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Help with backup exec

Above the tape drive is offline I have tried to disable and bring back the tape device but still the same it is going offline. how can I fix this  

ver1 by Level 3
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Can't delete backupToDisk Folder

Hi,i have a problem with a Backup Disk folder. I Can't delete this because the folder is Offline. The HD with is containing the folder is defective.Ereignissprotokoll:Backup Exec-Meldung: Medienfehler(Server: "xxx") Der Datenträger ist offline.Dies i...

How to list all policies with a schedule Name

 hi ,bpplist only shows all servers. I want to see the list of all servers based on the "weekly" scheduleC:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin\admincmd>bppllist???? How can I separate weekly in the list of servers in coomand prompt

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