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(CEP-19129) Security Administration Dashboard

Interaction Date: June 18 - June 28, 2024Interaction Type: Q&A Interview / Interactive Research Session The Veritas Research Team is conducting an interactive research session about the security administration dashboard.This two part session will foc...

EliasA by Moderator
Employee CPEP
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Access 3350 worm enable 8.2.001

Hello, I'm working on a 3350 Access cluster with an MSDP storage provided, not WORM. I'm going to activate the enterprise lockdown mode on it and then I'll convert the existing provisioned storage with the command:Enabling Veritas Data Deduplication ...

Netbackup Install and upgrade for large server fleet

Greetings,I'm a platform manager having to install and upgrade NBU for Linux and Windows.number of nodes are 10,000s. The version is 10.x What are the most effective ways to install and then do ongoing upgrades of NBU ?Is the answerfile option still ...

mbarlow by Level 3
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Catalog Recovery from Flex Appliance to NetBackup Master

Hi There,I have some queries. My current setup for NetBackup is using Veritas Flex Appliance 5250. I want to do catalog recovery from Flex Appliance to new NetBackup Master Server, which is a RHEL Server. How should it work?Because I tried few times ...

ikmalj by Level 3
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Aptare SQL query question

I need help with the following SQL query to generate a report for backup jobs that had failed more than 2 days so I can feed the results to our automation ticketing system. (the query used to work before but now it does not)...If anyone can point out...

Alta Recovery Vault - Which Documents Should I Use???

Hi Friends, I noticed I've created a bunch of documents to help educate and direct folks on how to use Alta Recovery Vault, but there are a lot of them and I thought it would be good to do a flow of what documents to use, when and what they're all ab...

GNeil by Level 4
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Veritas System Recovery Manager 22 issue

Hi,I have installed Veritas System Recovery Manager 22 and add some Computer to monitor these.Some machine does not join domain. It means I have to add Computer wiht local administrator.I have created on the machine which has not joined the domain a ...

proceed by Level 2
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Netbackup licensing overview

Dear Netbackup gurus!Please advise me on how to find out which license is used by a given client. For instance, there is a hypervisor host/client, and I want to know the license name that this host uses, e.g., HypervisorA uses NetBackup Enterprise Cl...

JimmyB2 by Level 4
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Netbackup ports for communication and Data transfer

Dear Experts,From below ports, Which ports are used for communication and which are used for data transfer SourceDestinationPortMaster Server Media serverTCP/1556Master Server Client TCP/1556Master Server Java ServerTCP/1556Master Server Client TCP/1...

Kak4_12 by Level 4
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(CEP-19124) Veritas Appliance Network Connection

Interaction Date: June 11 - June 25, 2024Interaction Type: Online Survey The Veritas Appliance Product Management team is collecting information about your network connection type related to the Veritas Appliance(s) in your production environment. If...

EliasA by Moderator
Employee CPEP
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