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DataCollector installation on

Hi Guys, Currently, the environment is NetBackup and we are going to upgrade to NetBackup As far as I know, Opscenter will not be supported anymore so we will start using NetBackup it analytics by using data collector Today I found ...

AndresV by VIP
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Sytos Premium for OS/2

Hi,I'm presently experimenting with some legacy tech and I'm having fun getting to know OS/2 again. I previously used this in the mid-90's whilst at University in the UK.Finding OS/2 tape backup programs has been incredibly challenging, but one of th...

Vmwaredisks resource failed

vmwaredisks resource keeps failing with a log error " Failed to decrypt password " Although the password didn't change from VMware side. what we do : -Hit vcsencrypt -agent command and type the actual password and then take the encrypted output passw...

Yasmeen by Level 0
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hi,you can see that df -k /symora_tmp ->584288 and vxprint -g genio/-dg|grep genio05->2072576then vxresize -b -g genio_dg genio05 512m.vxprint -g genio-dg|grep genio05->1048576 but df -k /symora_tmp->524288.i expected the value to be half of this.why...


Hi,I need to expand a volume but on the underlying disk is no space.The created volumes are created on a single disk.What is the good practice?To create a mirror of volumes with a larger disk,then detach the small disk and create a mirror with a disk...


Hi,In my attachments / and /var are in /dev/vx/dsk/rootvol and /dev/vx/dsk/var ->ufs.Normally when and ufs file system is created this is created in /dev/dsk/rootvol amd /dev/dsk/var.Why here those ufs are in /dev/vs/dsk?

Discovery Accelarator EV binaries installation

Hello Team,We have  EV version 12.4.2 in a 2 node windows 2016 failover cluster and a DA on a another windows 2016 server with same per the upgrade process we upgraded DA to 14.5 first, updated the database all fine.we updated EV on both n...

ipatwi by Level 3
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LTO 7 media, restore LTO 8 drive

Hello.I want to restore a backup on LTO 7 media from LTO8 drive, but the process does not start. 08.Ara.2023 14:40:52 - awaiting resource BNV420.A pending request has been generated for this resource request.Operator action may be required. Pending A...

soolean by Level 3
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Welcome to the Veritas Application Mobility Service

Veritas' New Application Mobility Service allows users to get their applications up and running in the cloud quickly and efficiently. Through automation and customized templates, you can deploy your applications in the cloud in minutes, allowing you ...

AHV Resource Limits recommendations needed

We are running a lot of AHV backups in our environment and finding it difficult to meet the required backup windows. I am looking to solicit ideas on what other members of the community are doing from an AHV resource limit perspective.Mine are curren...

BStone by Level 1
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Which Netbackup Licensing Model are we on?

Hi All,I am a newbie in the Licensing world and would appreciate if someone would be so kind to assist in anyway with my queries below. 1.) For our existing estate with Netbackup, how do i know which licensing model we are on? Is it written down some...

Client side Dedup, very slow to start backup

Hello Everybody,With NBU 10.3 we have still have the malfunction with 3 or 4 minutes lost on some client side dedup backup.For example we using a single policy to backup each Oracle and SAP database with a dedicated archivelog schedule and we lost 4 ...

alpes38 by Level 3
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