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Veritas Alta™ Simplify Cloud Deployment

Getting your business-critical IT services up and running in the cloud can be challenging when you don’t have the right tools to ensure a smooth, predictable, and efficient deployment experience.  The Veritas Application Mobility Service simplifies d...

Backup failed due to VSS writers issue

One of my backup failing due to system writer is in unstable state.On checking diskshadow command, system writer is pointing to a clustered drive  Volumes affected by this component:                               - [file://%3f/Volume%7b355f9b87-0000-...

Monitor tab in CA 14.4 goes into a hung state

We recently upgraded our EV journal infra from 12.5.3 to 14.4 and see the Monitor tab goes into a hung state. We keep getting this information within the EV logs every few mins while the Monitor tab within the CA client is in a total hung state. Last...

It's AWS re:Invent Week! Our Breakout Session is TODAY

We can't wait to see you in Las Vegas! Our team is already on the ground and ready to meet you. As you arrive, don't forget to add the Veritas Breakout session to your agenda today. Our team will discuss cyber resilience and securing your data at Man...

benspickard by Community Manager
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Unpacking Data Security in the Age of AI

I had the pleasure of speaking with Thomas Maurer, the Senior Program Manager & Chief Evangelist Azure Hybrid at Microsoft (Cloud + AI). We talked about how Veritas helps businesses secure their data, leverage AI, and adapt to the cloud evolution. We...

Netbackup Appliance

The subnet of our company had been changed and due to this the netback up appliance is not working. currently finding challenges to login. Is there any other was to access the appliance in other to change the IP address on the appliance.  

the backup failed to back up the requested files(6)

Hi, Our enviroment we have master server version 8.1.1 in Windows Server 2012 R2 . Last week we are getting a error code 6 form NBU for one snapshot/backup operation with the following error:Nov 25, 2023 12:58:26 PM - Info nbjm (pid=6644) starting ba...

Resolved! URGENT: Restore unknown NetBackup tape

OK, so I've been tasked with restoring an LTO3 from an unknown version of NetBackup.I've installed NetBackup 8.1 on Windows Server 2016 (name: "MyServer", and after doing a phase 1 and 2 import - apparently successfully according to this log in the c...

NetBackup Flex Appliance 5260 Log Forwarding

Which TLS (1.2 or 1.3) version does NetBackup Flex Appliance 5260 support? I am not able to find the info in the available KBs. Please help me with some reference.I only found that Flex Scale supports TLS1.2. 

Quazi by Level 1
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Latest in the news!

NoEscape ransomware emerged in May of 2023 and functions as a Ransomware-as-a-Service(RaaS). CERT-In issued an alert for NoEscape ransomware which is believed to be a rebrand of Avaddon and has impacted around 10+ victims in October'23 alone. NetBack...

rhHax_Vox by Level 2
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Backup exec 22 - duplicate backup sets

Backup exec 22 - duplicate backup sets. We have installed 2 Backup exec's in DC1 n DC2. We have 70 TB disk pool each (deduplication enabled) on both BE servers. We do not have CAS license (is it included by default ?) . All backup sets (vm & agent ba...

rookie11 by Moderator
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Check out the newest Veritas NetBackup training update

Veritas NetBackup 10.3: Differences is now available for registration! Take this new course and stay current with all the latest capabilities of NetBackup 10.3. In Veritas NetBackup 10.3: Differences, you will learn about all the new features and enh...


How Can I Easily Check if My Backup Image Data is Encrypted?

Have you ever wanted to check one of your backup images to make sure it’s encrypted?  Well with Veritas NetBackup 10.3 and our MSDP deduplication pools you can!  We’ve introduced a new utility called DedupEncryptionReport to easily check if a given b...

GNeil by Level 4
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