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Low backup speed

Hi,NetBackup version have Veritas Flex Appliance and on it media server and disk storage server.We have 2x10Gb bond connections on media server and we are trying to backup Oracle Rac One Node db.We get backup speed varying from 120000Kb/s t...

Cannot login to the Flex appliance Media instant.

Hi,We have newly installed the flex appliance 5250 and created the media instant. we could login to that instant successfully. But after we changed the login banner of that media instant and after that we cannot login to this instant.Below is the err...

Resolved! NetBackup Storage Space Full issue

helloI have configured NetBackup AIR.DR NetBackup was forced to expire an unnecessary backup image due to insufficient capacity. The capacity should be secured as much as the size of the backup image, but it cannot be secured. The size of the backup ...

Netbackup Opscenter server Windows OS upgrade

HelloWe are in need to upgrade the OS on our OPScenter server - windows 2012 R2 to windows 2019 standard for our netbackup opscenter server.   I cant seem to find to much out there with regard to performing an OS upgrade on a netbackup opscen...

bc1410 by Level 5
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Configuring MSDP system call failed (11)

Hi, I have created a standalone Netbackup on a CENTOS computer.I tried to create a MSDP storage and it did not workout, I believe the password was the issue, so I tried to do it again and I received the below error:"Configuring media server deduplica...

Exchange DB restore

Dears, greetings of the day,I am trying to restore Exchange DB, but unfortunately restore fails during the DB mount,Netbackup is able to connect to the RDB and to write the data but not able to mount the DB,then tried to restore the DB without mount ...

EV and SQL change port with name pipes disable

Hi guys,I have question to special configurationEV 12.5.3.SQL TCP connection use / name pipes disabledSQL is standard (no Always On, no cluster) This is working and supportedAfter change default port of SQL we have problem where index service (event ...

PetrHanz by Level 4
Partner Accredited Certified
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SAN Client can't detect FT Media server

I experiance some issues in a SAN client.There's an VCS 2 nodes cluster for Oracle DB on Solaris system, and the SAN backups were running well before.Recently, I've changed the hostname of these NBU clients, and the SAN clients can't detecet FT media...

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Netbackup opserver - Windows upgrade

HelloWe are in need to upgrade the OS - windows 2012 R2 to windows 2019 standard for our netbackup opscenter server.   I cant seem to find to much out there with regard to performing an OS upgrade on a netbackup opscenter server.   Wonder if ...

bc1410 by Level 5
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Certificate Expiration

I have a legacy HA system running Cluster Server 6.1. For a non-priviliged user, hastatus -summary is suddenly returning "VCS ERROR V-16-1-53006 Unable to Connect to VCS engine correctly". I suspect the issue is an expired certificate (its been aroun...

kc3 by Level 1
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job done no email receive

hello we reinstall backup exec on a new server everytime a job complete the tape eject but we dont receive the mail until i remove the tape from the unit what option i miss ?Thanks 

Kerm007 by Level 4
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Failed deployment of Snapshot manager on Azure

Hi community,Trying to install Primary, Media and Snapshot server from Marketplace in Azure, but always got error with deployment of Snapshot server.For deployment using already created user managed identity with Owner rights. It is successfully crea...

Kernel or openssl update query

helloKernel or openssl update queryAppliance 5250 NetBackup 9.1 is running, but the OS version is Linux 7.9. Is a security patch possible if a security vulnerability occurs in the current 7.9 kernel version?If there is a security vulnerability in Ope...

RHV duplicate VM in NBU WebBUI

Hello TeamMay I have your support on below issue?In my WebUI, We found that some RHV virtual machine are displayed duplicated.Someone have already face this issue?- NBA Appliance version 4.1- RHV KVM version 4- RHEL - 8.7 - 1.0.6.el8- 5.15.0 - 3.60.5...

Resolved! How are vCenter credentials stored in NB?

Hello,I was trying to find an answer to question "How are the vCenter credentials stored in NB?" in online documentation and on this forum, but I was not successful.Does anybody know how are the credentials stored? Is there any internal database/file...

Resolved! restore failed from NBU rac backups

Hi everybody!    Failed to restore rac to a different node using NetBackup  9.1,The failure information is as follows:RMAN-00571: ===========================================================RMAN-00569: =============== ERROR MESSAGE STACK FOLLOWS =====...

lzm by Level 2
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BE 22 Tape and Disk Cartridge Media

I have 2 installations of BE 22. They both are licensed appropriately. One server shows the Tape and Disk Cartridge Media option in the Storage tab and the other does not. Neither server has ever had a tape library attached to the server. Why would o...

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