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Getting client version via nbhostmgmt command line

Greetings, I've written a script to pull the host list from the activity monitor, put that host list output into a file and then I run nbhostmgmt against that host list output file. My issue is when nbhostmgmt is looking for a host that doesn't have ...

DPeaco by Moderator
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Tape consume extra space then actual upload size

We were taking Tape backup (LTO) from Windows server folder.After backup was completed, when we compared the size on the Tape was different from the actual size on the windows folder.We could not able to find where the extra space consumed on the tap...

backup retention report

Hello, I need to know how I can get a report on backups that have been retained for more than 6 months.Hello, I need to know how I can get a report on backups that have been retained for more than 6 months.

KateRua by Level 0
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Oracle Intelligent Policy archive logs deletion

Hello,Please provide your support with this issue, we have configured an Oracle Intelligent Policy, with the option to delete the archive logs after 2 successful backups, but it is not doing so, reviewing the log, it is asking a question, but it is n...

rafanto by Level 5
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Netbackup client Solaris 5.10 upgrade fail

Hi,i have a Solaris 5.11 global zone on Oracle SPARC-T7-4 server, and Netbackup upgraded from 7.7.3 to version.Now i wanna upgrade the local zone also it on 7.7.3, to but it fail with this error:"ERROR: Detected an attempt to instal...


COPILOT was configured and backed up in the master environment, but due to insufficient MSDP capacity, a media appliance was introduced.The media appliance is 5250 and the version is 10.0.A mount point was created in ORACLE CLIENT, the existing mount...

NetBackup for MySQL

Dear experts and leaders, helloMy network environmentThe IP address of the netbackup(10.2) main server is IP address of the MySQL server is question:Verify the MySQL environment password, which server is this configurati...

data recovery

 Hello, I wanted to change the label, and when I did, all the data on the tape got erased. Now I want to recover it. Does anyone have a solution?

EV FSA License

Hello there,my customer has an EV Exchange Server mailbox archiving and needs EV FSA license. Will we have to fresh install after the license is bought, or its license will just activate additional features? Thank you

Appliance Dashboard

Hi there,Does the access appliance have a web dashboard that allows you to view its contents regardless of whether it's achieving data from Netbackup or from EV?Where can i find information on the capabilities of the Access software?Thanks

key registration and reservation

Hi,Let`s say we have 2 vcs nodes with fencing.hastop -local will leave the application running.The key registration and reservation on each disk in DG that was imported when vcs was started on node are still on the disks?If the service group failover...

Flex Appliances with MFA and NBITA

In my production environments I currently have NetBackup 10.x instances running on 2 x 5360HA Flex appliances using a single data collector sat on VMware collecting from 4 NetBackup domains spread over both appliances. MFA is due to be turned on the ...

Partial success backup almost daily

Keep getting partial success backup for some application folder on file level backup.The problematic files is randomised and not always the same file causing the partial success.Is there a better way to have a successful backup besides excluding thos...

Vin1688 by Level 3
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