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Orchestrated DR for NetBackup Instant Access VMs with Resiliency Platform 3.4

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5 years ago

If you’re a NetBackup customer, extending data protection to full resiliency is totally achievable! With Veritas Resiliency Platform and Veritas NetBackup working together, your business will be prepared to fend off all kinds of downtime threats by integrating backup with proactive disaster recovery.

Resiliency Platform natively integrates with NetBackup to manage the replication of VMware backup images across sites using NetBackup Auto Image Replication (AIR). This capability comes in handy when you need to restore several systems as part of a single process rather than managing individual restore operations which can be time consuming.

In Resiliency Platform 3.4, this integration is taken a step further. You can use Resiliency Platform to automate and orchestrate 100s of VMs that support Instant Access i.e. bulk restores for NetBackup Instant Access VMs. vMotion can also be enabled to move VMs to primary storage. With this capability you can bring your VMs online in a disaster recovery scenario from your backup data stores with a near-zero Recovery Point Objective (RPO). This can also be used for recovery rehearsals, so you can be sure your business is always prepared, no matter what!


  • ZERO additional storage usage for Dev/Test Instances
  • Ability to achieve almost instant RTO
  • Instant Startup of Test workloads including multi-tier sequencing
  • Transparent movement of VM from Appliance to Production Datastore
  • Customization & end-to-end Orchestration of Recovery Process


Watch Tushar Bandopadhyay, Distinguished Engineer at Veritas, discuss the architecture and benefits of this unified resiliency capability.


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