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7 years ago

Limit to send only 1 email about job failure per master server

Good day,
I have a question about OpsCenter alerts policy.

We have several master servers added and use Data Collection to monitor jobs.
Our alert policy is set to send e-mail when any job failed (scope: all master servers).
With many clients, we have many failed jobs sometimes. OpsCenter follow the alert policy and send e-mails for every alert. Example: Let say one master server has 5 clients. When jobs failed for all clients with the first and second attempt, we have 10 alerts generated by the OpsCenter and send via e-mail (10 e-mails).
Could you please advise if there is any way to configure alert to send only first alert via e-mail and log the rest in the system without e-mail sending?

 To make long story short, it would be great to receive e-mail about first job with failure status per master server.

Hope someone had similar problem. Thank you in advance for your help.

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  • Hi Gregziolo, This is not a configurable option in Opscenter . If you configure (need ) alert for failed job , Opscenter wil send alert for each failed job . It cant distinguish between  parent job and a child job or First attempt or 2nd attempt. However as a compromised workaround you may create a report on failed job (in last 1 hour) and scheduled it on hourly basis .Do no configure receipent for alerts and use scheduled report .