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Veritas Resiliency Platform

A unified solution for IT service continuity across physical, virtual, and cloud

Innovate IT with confidence
Businesses are rapidly expanding beyond their traditional data center boundaries into the cloud, with hybrid cloud architectures becoming the new norm. As business-critical workloads and data get increasingly run on diverse platforms across multiple data centers, private and public clouds, it is imperative for IT business continuity solutions to keep pace with the transformation and to continue meeting business Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Veritas™ Resiliency Platform makes it simple for organizations to innovate without compromising on critical business SLAs. Organizations can confidently adopt hybrid cloud architectures and predictably meet critical SLAs in spite of growing IT complexity. With a unified approach to IT Service
Continuity, Resiliency Platform enables IT operations to deliver predictable service levels to the business while ensuring location independence, platform choice, and operational simplicity.

Key Benefits

  • Gain visibility into global IT health
  • Consistently deliver predictable SLAs to the business
  • Automate orchestration across complex multi tier IT services
  • Integrate into existing environments with simplicity

Gain visibility into global IT health
Competitive business demands dictate the need for IT business continuity strategies that don’t leave the business vulnerable, including round-the-clock visibility into health of all applications and data. Many IT organizations lack tools that provide a global view of their IT health across critical services thereby preventing them from implementing the right levels of protection for those business services. Reliance on virtual machine mobility solutions doesn’t provide insight into the most important asset— the application.

Resiliency Platform delivers real-time visibility into the health of all IT services across globally dispersed environments, keeping applications and data in focus. Organizations can now keep an eye on how well their applications are tracking to defined availability SLAs, with insight into Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs). Making informed business decisions based on the health of critical IT services just
got easier.

Key Features

  • Single dashboard for management of multisite business services
  • Summary view of resiliency risks and real-time health across all data centers
  • End-to-end visibility for status of applications, virtual machines, multitier business services, and data movers


Published 10 years ago
Version 1.0

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