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No LUNs/disks added when connecting to iSCSI target

Level 2

Hi everyone!

As a part of reconfiguring my network, I started an experiment to move from several different storage system to SDS, and for that I started trial of Veritas Access. For now I managed to install Veritas Access 7.4.2 over RHEL server 7.6

And first task was to attach several iSCSI storage systems to it - and it failed :) Current problem is:

access-1.Storage> iscsi target list

Target Discovery Address State Disk
------ ----------------- ----- ---- ONLINE ONLINE ONLINE ONLINE ONLINE

As shown here - I've connected to 2 iSCSI storages, but got no disks from them. First is test system with FreeNAS, other is EMC AX4-5i. Both systems can be reached directly, and I can get disks from them on Windows Server for example. 

Hope someone could help, Veritas tech support refused to talk with me without support agreement :(

Thanks in advance !