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Data protection in a multi-cloud world

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8 years ago

In our Global Webcast, Lynn Lucas talked with a panel of industry experts about data and workload management in a multi-cloud world. A topic listed high on the agendas of many organizations today. Rick Villars (IDC) concluded that companies have already gone to a multi-cloud world, which shouldn’t be too surprising. Each provider offers a slightly different menu of services and prices and optimizes for different workloads and SLA’s.

Organizations have figured out how to mix and match their unique business and application need to the best cloud service out there, and they’re reaping the rewards with even greater agility, flexibility and cost effectiveness than a single provider could offer. However, these same organizations realize there’s a downside. How do you safely move your apps and data around between different clouds, for instance?  How do you avoid overpaying for storage or an SLA you don’t need for less important workloads?  How do you maintain good governance and compliance across such a heterogeneous environment?  And how do you do all of that while meeting your organization's service levels, perhaps with traditional data centers still in the mix?

These are critical questions to address for any practical multi-cloud strategy. Hence, we would like to invite you to join in the conversation July 12 – 19, 2017 with our expert panel where we zoom in on these questions and more importantly your questions.

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If you have questions, submit them to the expert panel, and we will address them July 12-19.


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