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NetBackup customers have been vocal in recent years about the pros and cons of using cloud storage as a backup target.  On the plus side, highly available, DR-capable off-site storage with endless scale; who doesn’t love that? But cloud storage can a...
Most data protection administrators who I’ve talked with over the years have a story that goes something like this: “I was 99% complete with my longest-running backup job when all of the sudden, WHAM!” Something bad happened, like a network hiccup, t...
Two of the pillars of the Veritas Enterprise Data Services Platform (EDSP) are Availability and Protection. In the past, there have been stark differences between high availability clustering, replication, and data protection; however, today, the sp...
The allure of cloud storage as a backup target is a powerful one. And why wouldn’t it be? It’s an infinitely scalable, relatively low cost, always online, and removes all the “tapeiness” of your legacy off-site disaster recovery (DR) process. It can ...
Over the years, the public cloud has evolved to add many compelling features that drive customer adoption. One of these was flexible object storage, with a metered, only-pay-for-what-is-used billing model. Many organizations are choosing to replace o...