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10 years ago

Backup Exec 15 - GRT duplicate (Exchange issue)

I thought I would try posting on here - as Symantec Enterprise support are really poor. (in my long experience with BE 11d, 12, 12.5, 2010, 2010 R3, 2012, 2014)

Brand new Dell server hardware, running Server 2012 R2 Standard, BE 15 (V-Ray) installed on RAID 1 array (new install - not upgrade), 2 x raid 0 arrays set up (1 x 3.2Tb, 1 x 13.2 Tb) configured as storage disks in BE 15. (all disks 600Gb 15K SAS). Using FC HP 1/8 G2 Autoloader LTO-6, with QLogic 8Gb FC card on x8 PCI-E (QLE2562) (both on Symantec HCL)

B2D works as expected - (haven't tried backing up VMs (V-Ray functionality) yet - physical servers only - all with Windows agents deployed. All licensing for Applications and Databases and V-Ray etc. added to the BE server prior to agent deployment.

As per usual with a BE release - GRT is still awful. 500Gb Exchange GRT-enabled backup duplicate to tape from one of the RAID-0 arrays got stuck - 9 hours later, have restarted the target server and the had to first restart the services (forcefully) Followed Symantec guidelines per their TECH articles on GRT.

Didn't experience GRT duplicate issues with exactly the same servers with BE 2014 SP2 - had a whole host of Exchange 2013 restore issues that Symantec Enterprise support could do nothing to help with.

I suspect BE version 15 is even more buggy than BE 2014 before it.

Will be logging a case with Symantec Enterprise support on Monday. I thought I would see if there is any feedback on here.

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  • Have logged this with Support.

    From what I can tell, this is an issue with an individual mailbox in one of our Exchange databases.

    I can successfully duplicate all the other databases, and looking at the backup sets on the tape after I restart the services, I can see only one mailbox inside one Exchange database that has the corruption symbol next to it.

    Strange though that the B2D (Disk backup sets) show no corruption against this particular mailbox...

  • Have been instructed by Enterprise support to run a non-GRT backup to disk and duplicate to tape of the Exchange database that I am having trouble with today, and run a GRT-enabled backup to disk and duplicate tomorrow. Will update progress here.

  • Well. Guess what? GRT backups for Exchange STILL hang at catalog.

    Have created new Exchange 2013 databases and moved all mailboxes among different databases.

    GRT-enabled backups still result in hanging catalog jobs. Catalog eventually finishes after 12+ hours. (marked as 550Gb?)

    Non-GRT completes (disk and duplicate to tape) in 3hr 11 minutes for 380Gb.

    Symantec Enterprise support have been no help whatsoever in this instance.

    Will rebuild BE server before next full backup. Probably won't make any difference - but I can try.


  • For reference - rebuild of BE media server made no difference.

    Symantec are collecting logs next week - I don't expect any answer from them - they don't seem to know their own product at all.