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7 years ago

BE 2010 to 16 : Upgrade Failed


I get errors below when I try to upgrade BE 2010 R3 SP4 to 16. I have also attached htm file. Thank you so much for your help.

06-20-2018,22:20:40 : dbutil RunSQLScript: failed: 0x80004005 
06-20-2018,22:20:40 : OS ERROR: 0x80004005 (-2147467259) 
06-20-2018,22:20:40 : upgrade14x ends rc=1
06-20-2018,22:20:40 : Job Migration Failed
06-20-2018,22:20:40 : Failure 1 running migration library 1
06-20-2018,22:20:40 : BE Migration Tool execution failed
  • It appears the SQL upgrade failed on the Microsoft side of things (outside the Backup Exec install).

    I would suggest you make a copy of \Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\Data and \Catalogs folder to a safe location.

    The existing SQL 2008R2 BKUPEXEC SQL instance appears to be half installed. You have the service registy entries but probably no binary files in the image path.

    I would first see if you can re-install a named SQL Express instance called BKUPEXEC using the Backup Exec 20.1 install media.

    Run :\BE\WinNT\Install\SQLExpress\SQLEXPR_x86_ENU.exe

    When prompted see if you can install a named instanced called BKUPEXEC. There will be an option in the SQL install wizard to name the instance.  There also may be a option to upgrade the exsiting BKUEPXEC if it detects it. It's possible the above not work at all.

    This may require removing Backup Exec (save out data/catalogs as noted before) and pick the option to remove everything.  Then remove any Microsoft SQL 2008 R2 components from Program/Featuers on the server.


    You can install Backup Exec 20.1 fresh but install into path \Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec not a Veritas path as it will default to.

    Once BE 20.1 is installed you can Stop the BE service and SQL BKUPEXEC serviced and copy back in your saved out  \Data and \Catalog folder. Use BEMIG utility to migrate your Backup Exec 16 database to 20.1.

    If you can I would highly suggest opening a support case as above is a high level overview.





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  • Do you have SQL Express Management Installed? You can download SQL Experss 2014 managment studio.  This is just to scheck if the msdb is suspect. 

    You may want to search on how to fix the msdb database.


    The 'msdb" database has a problem for the SQL BKUPEXEC instance.



    Your install log:


    06-20-2018,22:20:40 : OpenFromInitializationString Connection String = Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;Integrated Security=SSPI;Persist Security Info=False;Initial Catalog=BEDB;Data Source=BACKUP01\BkupExec;Locale Identifier=1033;Application Name=BEWS DBUTIL hr=0x0 
    06-20-2018,22:20:40 : Database 'msdb' cannot be opened. It has been marked SUSPECT by recovery. See the SQL Server errorlog for more information. 
    06-20-2018,22:20:40 : dbutil RunSQLScript: execute sql cmd failed. sql statement: DECLARE @CompatibilityLevel int, @DatabaseName nvarchar(25); SET @DatabaseName = 'BEDB'; SELECT @CompatibilityLevel = COMPATIBILITY_LEVEL FROM SYS.DATABASES WHERE NAME = @DatabaseName; IF @CompatibilityLevel = 80 BEGIN exec sp_dbcmptlevel @DatabaseName, 90 END ELSE BEGIN -- need to reapply for some customer's database exec sp_dbcmptlevel @DatabaseName, @CompatibilityLevel END 
    06-20-2018,22:20:40 : dbutil RunSQLScript:Stop execution sql script
    06-20-2018,22:20:40 : dbutil RunSQLScript: failed: 0x80004005 
    06-20-2018,22:20:40 : OS ERROR: 0x80004005 (-2147467259) 
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      Hi ,

      we have vulnerability on Backup Exec 2014 server the SCL says that BEX 2014 supports SQL 2012 can we upgrade SQL instance in Backup Exec 2014


      EOL/Obsolete Software: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 Detected

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      Hi Steve-Young,

      msdb is ok now but i got the new error. Please find log file attached.

      06-25-2018,22:26:11 : Ad hoc update to system catalogs is not supported. 
      06-25-2018,22:26:11 : dbutil RunSQLScript: execute sql cmd failed. sql statement: RECONFIGURE; 
      06-25-2018,22:26:11 : dbutil RunSQLScript:Stop execution sql script
      06-25-2018,22:26:11 : dbutil RunSQLScript: failed: 0x80040e14 
      06-25-2018,22:26:11 : OS ERROR: 0x80040e14 (-2147217900) 
      06-25-2018,22:26:11 : CleanupDBForReIndexing: SchemaUpgrade failed. 
      ** SQL Server version is SQL Server 2005 (service pack level 4)

      Thank you so much for your help.

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        Can you run this script on the SQL instance



        Open a admin command prompt:


        Osql -E -S localhost\bkupexec -d master (press enter key after every step)

        1>exec sp_configure 'show advanced options', 1;
        1>sp_configure 'allow updates', 0;

        3. Restart all Backup Exec services.