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How to recover data from Amazon S3 with a different server?


We are in a bit of a situation here at my company. Long story short our data center infrastructure failed. Our Backup exec server (Version 20.1) was backing up our data to the AWS S3 cloud with encryption. Unfortunately our Backup exec server was effected as well. So I had to set up a new backup exec server. Now I have backup exec installed and I have added the database encryption key from our previous backup exec server to the data directory folder. I also have added the credentials to our AWS cloud account. The problem is I don't see a way for me to retrieve the data that I have in the cloud. The restore button is grayed out and when I click on the Amazon account bucket I only see details and no information or process to restore about the data that's already there. Would anybody please be able to guide me or inform me if i'm missing a step of if this is even possible?

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  • From BE Console --> Storage Tab --> Highlight Cloud Storage --> Run Inventory and catalog
    After this is run, you should be able to see the backup sets.

    OR without if this needs to be done w/o running catalog job then you would need a copy of catalogs file from earlier.
    You can stop BE services, rename current catalogs folder and replace it with earlier one which had the catalog files.
    Start BE services, then run an Inventory of the Cloud storage and the sets should be visible for restore.

    All about BE catalogs -