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14 years ago

LTO5 incompatible media error

Im on Backup Exec 2010 and have put in 2 LTO5 tapes done an inventory for them, and get the following error message.

Incompatible media has been detected in the slot. The most likely causes for this error are: The library or tape drive hardware is reporting an incompatible media error, or the library has bar code rules enabled and a bar code rule does not exist for the bar code in the slot, or there is no tape drive in the library that is compatible with the media in the slot as specified by the matching bar code rule.

Can someone, if possible guide me through the steps if any to resolve this issue, as the the 2 LTO5 tapes have been scanned as the barcode shows up in there revelant slot numbers.

  • An IBM ULT3580-TD4 is an LTO4 drive, it cannot read/write LTO5 tapes !

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