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3 months ago

Problem BackupExec 21 After Crash

A backup server had a problem, I reinstalled it on another machine, using the same previous storage (NAS), I was able to run the catalog without any problems, but it can no longer establish the trust relationship with VMWare, it reports an error when trying establish the trust relationship, with code E0008921.

Calling Method 'SetServer Trust'

BEMSDK Method 'MediaServerAdvertisementUpdate'

BEMSDK Failure Code: E0008921

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  • 1. Stop Backup Exec services on the media server. 2. Move the certificates files from the Backup Exec DATA folder to a "SAVED" folder. These files have a *.CRT and *.KEY file extension. 3. Restart the Backup Exec services. 4. Right click the mouse on the server icons in the Backup Exec console and select "Establish Trust" This action will re-create the security certificates on the media server in the DATA folder between the media server and remote agent. Backup jobs should now be able to be submitted. Note: If the "trusts" are successfully established, then the "SAVED" folder and contents can be deleted from the server