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9 years ago


Hello all!   We have Replicated Data Cluster two nodes in local cluster. No global clustering.   My questions now about our RDC cluster. I could not find all neсessary information in  clu...
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    9 years ago

    Hi Pavel,


    I'm not sure what your SAP configuration looks like (not gone through the SAP guide but I know it has mutliple interdependent service groups) but you need to configure replication service groups (of hybrid type) as the base of the cluster. These service groups will be hybrid as they're both parralel (between zones) and non-parralel (within zones).


    On top of these replication service groups you'll then need to add and link the SAP service groups using the dependencies you require. SAP has some strange dependencies and I previously had to use VOM to control them but that issue should be resolved now as you can have multiple parents since version 6.0.


    There is no guide to show you this but you can take a look at the RDS Cluster configuration for SQL to get the concept clear in your mind.


    If you have further questions post your