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11 years ago

How to write udev rules for persistent device name for DMP subpaths?

Hi experts,

I'm using SFRAC 6.0.3 on Oracle Linux 5.8 with Oracle storage (2 HBA cards, 4 paths) and would like to make the DMP subpaths persistent after rebooting.

I knew that for single path I can write the following udev rule:

KERNEL=="sd*", BUS=="scsi", PROGRAM=="/sbin/scsi_id -g -u -s %p", RESULT=="<scsi_id>", SYMLINK+="<your_disk_name>%n"

But it didn't work for multipath... Anyone can help on this issue? Thanks in advance...

Thanks and Regards,


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  • Hi, Kiluma


      You can think  about set the disk-naming scheme:


    # vxddladm set namingscheme=ebn [persistence={yes|no}] \
    [use_avid=yes|no] [lowercase=yes|no]
    Use the following command to select operating system-based naming:
    # vxddladm set namingscheme=osn [persistence={yes|no}] \
    The optional persistence argument allows you to select whether the names
    of disk devices that are displayed by DMP remain unchanged after disk
    hardware has been reconfigured and the system rebooted. By default,
    enclosure-based naming is persistent. Operating system-based naming is not
    persistent by default.