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13 years ago

Tools to keep an SQL2000 in-sync with SQL2008 dbs

We are upgrading one of our critical transactional SQL hosts from SQL2000/SP4 Enterprise to SQL2008-R2/Enterprise. As part of the upgrade we have a requirement to

keep the old SQL2000 host in-sync with SQL2008-R2 host for two weeks after we upgrade. We initially were planning to use SQL replication but due to the design of the

databases many of the tables do not have primary keys, therefore SQL replication is not an option for us.

At this point, we are looking for a tool that can keep SQL2000 in-sync with a SQL2008-R2 host.


Number of databases: 30

Total size of all databases: 700GB -> 1TB

Db type: transactional ( high-volume)yes