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9 years ago

Communication errors..

Master : SOlaris 10, NBU
CLient : NetBackup-Solaris10 7.0
Media: NetBackup-HP-UX11.31

Master is able to communicate with client, howvere there is some issue in connectivity of media server and client.
bptestbpcd is failing when it is executed from media server, also backups are failing with EC21.

Unable to find out any thing.
ping, telnet to bpcd, vnetd, pbx is working vice versa.
bpclntcmd is also provindg appropriate output.
I even have treid changing connect options from client attributes, but nothing has worked so far.

earlier this was working.

output of bptestbpcd attached.

Please suggest.

  • We don't know what is causing the issue at this point in time.

    Is bpcd updated when you bptestbpcd from the master?

    Upgrade will ensure that all comms is happening on pbx (1556).

    What exactly did you change as far as connect options are concerned and where?

  • There is always a workaround or permanent fix for insufficient space in /tmp. 1) Creat TEMPDIR env variable that points to another location. 2) Read up on Solaris/Oracle site about creating a swap file and adding it to swap/tmp.

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