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7 years ago

List of barcode rules from the command line?

Hey folks, I've dealt with barcode rules from the GUI for years, but curious if there's a way to list existing barcode rules from the command line?



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  • Hi Mario,

    I haven't been able to find a command line option to display barcode rules, however if you look in NetBackup_Installation_Path/volmgr/vm.conf, you should be able to see them there.

    Here's what I see inside vm.conf on the Master server that controls my tape system:

    MEDIA_ID_BARCODE_CHARS = 0 8 1:2:3:4:5:6

    Hope that helps,


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      vm.conf, as above actually shows the media ID generaion rule(s)

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        I agree with you Martin - Media id generation rules, but not barcode rules.

  • Hello Mario

    Sure it is !!

    Check this command out

    vmrule -listall

    where is it located -> #which vmrule

  • Awesome!! The ability to do that will definitely help in our automation processes to confirm a library has been set up with barcode rules for both regular media AND cleaning tapes. :)

    Recently we had a library that had been active for 1-2 months that had cleaning tapes in it yet the barcode rule for them was never set up. Found out the hard way when drives started going down. :\

    I plan to write a perl script that will go out and audit for some basic checklist stuff like

    • library has cleaning tapes
    • library has barcode for cleaning tapes
    • library has scratch

    Y'know, the basics. :)


    Thanks again everyone!