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6 years ago

MSDP Full, but has no images on it. crcontrol doesn't release any space.

I've got an MSDP that is a trget for A.I.R., that currently shows to be 96% full in the Disk Pools section of the Admin console, and 93% full when doing a "df" from the commandline on the media server.

I've tried running "/usr/openv/pdde/pdcr/bin/crcontrol --processqueueinfo" mulitle times over many days, but it still remains full.

bpimagelist -server [servername] doesn't show any results.

Is there a way to force a cleanup, are there files that I can just delete manually to clear the space?

It's cauisng A.I.R. to fail on the source, but I don't see any imports running on the target.

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  • bpimagelist uses last 24 hours as default.
    Add -d 01/01/2000.
    Or a start date early enough to ensure that you catch all available images.
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      Thanks for the replies.

      bpimagelist with the date range set back to January 1, 2000 still didn't return anything. Same result from searching the catalog in the GUI.

      # bpimagelist -d 01/01/2000 -server [myFULLmediaserver]

      However the bpimmedia did show a bunch of images on it. They look to be quite old too. I'm going to try expiring them and then see if I can clear some space on it.


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        What is the media server name shown in bpimmedia output?
        FRAG output Field 9 = The media server for the image. 
        Is the same name (exact same spelling) that you used in bpimagelist command?
        If it is, I will be very surprised that the one command is showing output and the other one nothing.