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9 years ago

NetBackup 7.6 - First inject of tapes ignore barcode and media ID rules

Master is on Windows 2012 R2 VMware VM

Media servers on physical Win2008

Tapes are LTO3 and have a barcode configuration of 6 numbers, then L3 on the end  (XXXXXXL3)

Tape Library: HP ESL 712e

Barcode Rules:

Barcode Tag Media Type Pool Mounts/cleanings
CLN hcart3_clean None 25
L3 hcart3 4 0

Media ID Rule:

Robot Barcode Length Media ID Rule
2 8 1:2:3:4:5:6

When we inject tapes for the FIRST time they come in as DLT and the Media ID is incorrect.  It is grabbing the last 6 characters instead of the first 6.


Tape barcode: 234567L3

Resultant Media ID: 4567L3

If I go to the Scratch pool and delete all of these DLT tapes that just came in and then re-inventory the robot, everything works normally.  The type becomes hcart3 and the Media ID is correct.

For the example above the media becomes 234567 which is what I wanted.

Why does this only happen on the first time we inject the tapes?  It looks like all of the rules are getting ignored and it is dropping to the DEFAULT rule which I do not know what the defaults would be for Media Type and Media ID.

Some thoughts:

Something wrong with my rules.

These tapes are from an older version of NetBackup (they are not brand new) that we are now using in the 7.6 environment.

We had two other robots connected to this environment which we have since retired which is why the robot in the above table is number 2.

Anyone have any ideas?

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