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6 years ago

Netbackup DR i need another license?

Hello everyone, I need to create a disaster recovery server for my master server (also media server), I understand that it must have the same topology as the productive server, do the same licenses that are active on the production master server work? or I must acquire all the licenses again.

I have licenses for capacity and per socket for VMware

Thank you for your answers.

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    6 years ago


    Herewith my 2c:

    If you have NEVC license (for virtual machines and server(s) ) plus Capacity (for physical servers), then NEVC will only cover the relevant features at the production site.

    Feature covered by Capacity license will cover Prod and DR. 

    Production licenses can be used for DR testing, provided you do need exceed twelve days per calendar year. 

    You may want to ask your Veritas reseller for a copy of the NBU Licensing Guide. 
    The doc is only available on PartnerNet, although there is nothing in the doc anymore that indicates that it's for Veritas staff and Parners only. 
    There is a section in this doc called 'Cold Disaster Recovery Licensing Policy' that should really be made available to end customers. 


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  • You only need to license the dr site if you master (and the site) is not cold i.e it is active all the time and you’re using AIR for instance.
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      im not using AIR, only need to prepare a dr site, then at the install netbackup in dr server, ¿i need the same registration  key file from smart meter? or not will be necesary?

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        Well, during DR you are selecting DR install option - than you do recover NBU catalog... I would not be worried about smart meter key....

        What is your DR approach?

  • Hey

    If you are on FETB you can have DR Master Server up & running - it is not doing any backups? Even if it does and your total FETB is still lower and/or NEVC count used vs entitled is OK - than it is OK!