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9 years ago

NetBackup enhancements in Windows 2008


i would like to know NetBackup enhancements in Windows 2008 and it will be very useful if i get a response. Kindly let me know what are all the NetBackup enhancements implemented in Windows 2008 for the version above 7.1 also.


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  • i found some usefull documents, here we go


    hope this helps




  • NetBackup does not have specific enhancements for one particular OS. 

    The OS Compatibility List will tell you which OS versions are supported.

    The HCL will tell you which backup devices are supported on the different supported OS's:

    The Application and DB CL will tell you which databases are supported for each of the supported OS's: 

    Enhancements/features across NBU versions: See this Version Comparison matrix:

  • This also has a table of the major features added during ther versions life span of v7.x, up to and including v7.7:


  • Thanks Marianne and sdo, for your useful documents and i will go through all these documents on daiuly basis and get to know the comparison and its really gonna be a tough time to understand all together.