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12 years ago

Open file backup for unix/linux

Hi All,

I have a master server 7.0 with 2003 server O/S, We are deploying one Unix/linux machine in our enviornment and need to take backup of it.

In windows there are VSP and VSS for open file backup. I want to know how to take open file backup/snapshot for unix client?




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  • Hi Marianne,

    Thanks for the info.

    What about the snapshot for unix? Is there any way so that open file as well as databases can be included into it?



  • For Database backup you should always use NetBackup database agents.

    It is possible to take snapshot for unix however you need some configuration steps .... it is not as simple as windows.

    In unix you have to specify the cache file location on a different filesystem (windows can do it on same filesystem) hence you need atleast two filesystem if you want to use unix snapshot

  • No - open databases should never be backed up with normal filesystem backups - not on Unix and not on Windows. Unix backup will probably exit with status 0, but databases cannot be brought online from this restore. You can confirm this fact with database vendor. 

    There are 3 ways to backup databases:

    1. Stop databases or put in backup mode (if database has such functionality) before doing filesystem backup
    2. Use database backup tools to backup databases to file ,then backup this database dump with filesystem backup. Exclude databases from filesystem backup.
    3. Use NBU database extensions to backup online databases. Exclude databases from filesystem backup.