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8 years ago

Restore RMAN Backup from Tape to Disk

Hi All,

We are currently working to document refreshing a test environment using RMAN backup from tape. Unfortunately, we're having difficulty restoring the backup from tape to disk. Is there any documentation for this?

Thank you..

  • We do this all the time for DR testing - restore Oracle database from tape to alternate host.

    #1 - have DBA set up the database area. Path is not really relevant, since RMAN controls where everything goes.

    #2 - run RMAN restore script from destination using SOURCE client and policy name variables.

    Watch for typos in script, 90% of what I find is misspelled client name, or policy

    If using physical tape, you may need to extend the media timeout, tape contention can be a factor, I have had to run restore through multiple times, and RMAN will detect what is missing and just restore that on the second pass.



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  • Yes, restore is described in the Oracle Admin Guide and there are multiple tech notes about specific cases like alternate client restore.

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      The assumption is that you will restore to an Alternate Client and not the same machine where it was backed up from?

      Work with your Oracle DBA as restore steps will be slightly different where Rman Catalog is used and where backup was done with 'nocatalog' option. 
      The Oracle dba needs to ensure that all requirements are met from Oracle point of view before rman restore is attempted. 

      If you type the following in Google search bar:
      NetBackup Oracle alternate client restore
      you will find a couple of TNs and forum posts.

      If you tell us which NBU version, we can provide URL to the NBU for Oracle manual for your version (or look for NBU Documentation links in 'Handy NBU Links' in my signature).

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        Hi Mam Marianne,

        Yes, its correct. Just lil clarification, the plan is to restore the tape backup to the server/disk. FTP to the test server and do the restore and recover the database. Test server has no NBU client installed.

        NBU version: 

        NBU master is running in Solaris machine, same with media and client servers.

        Thank  you...

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      Hi Sir Michael,

      Thank you for the response. What changed you mean for question #1?

      Yes, we're also checking manual and some VOX posts/issue. Usually its for alternate client restore. Where alternate client should have the same file structure from the source. But on this scenario, there is a difference in path directory..


      For Prod: /u01/oradata/PROD

      For Dev: /u01/oradata/DEV



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        as mentioned above, work with your Oracle DBA. Alternate Oracle DB restore is a relatively complex and multistep process.

        You also did not mention what is the problem, but I guess it will be likely Oracle configuration problem rather than NBU issue.