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7 years ago

Unable to change NumberOfLogFiles option using vxlogcfg


I want to set maximum count of unified log files for nbsl process. I used following command:

vxlogcfg -a -p 51216 -o 132 -s NumberOfLogFiles=15

At that time count of these was 8. But now it's greater than 15.  In nblog.conf i have right value of NumberOfLogFiles.

How i can resolve this problem?

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    7 years ago


    Just verified it. Setting up vx logs does not require any restart of NBU services. But unfortunately we changed other parameters as well i.e. LogRecycle=true. Changing this parameter would take into effect only after a restart of NetBackup services not prior to that

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  • Try this and see if it helps you out

    vxlogcfg -a --prodid 51216 --orgid 132 -s
    RolloverMode=FileSize MaxLogFileSizeKB=512000
    NumberOfLogFiles=15 LogRecycle=TRUE
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      Do you know if cleanup of Unified logs are also linked to the 12-hourly cleanup cycle on the master? 

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        The cleanup of logs does not really follow the 12 hour interval as for the normal image cleanup sessions running in the background.

        It works more on a day to day basis. Every day at midnight or a few minutes over midnight, bprd makes a call to attempt to cleanup logs. If its just client then you would see something like - "bpclntcmd -clean_old_logs" running on the client machine. One of the hidden switches in bpclntcmd cli to cleanup logs 
        The parent bprd process forks a child which in turn loops through the server list (and the media_server list). It then makes a call to - " recycle debug logs on server <remote_server>"

        The bpcd logs should show messages similar to below
        bprd -dontfork -keeplogs <kp_value> -recycle_server <master_server>

        The <kp_value> is from the global configuration on the master.

        LogRecycle for unified logs is added to enable/disable log recycling for given originator. If enabled, log recycling will occur at the time of rollover.
        If number of log files reach NumberOfLogfiles+1, oldest log file will be removed and new log file will be created.

        If rollover policy is set to FileSize, logs should never use disk space more than (NumberOfLogFiles+1)*MaxLogFileSizeKB.

        At the backend unified logs would be cleared off via the vxlogmgr command.

        One of the old technotes in regards to these parameters for reference

        Just noticed that in my previous post while adding it using my phone I did miss out of a couple of -s entries per option.

        KirillKrotov The exact command above would be as below

        vxlogcfg -a --prodid 51216 --orgid 132 -s RolloverMode=FileSize -s MaxLogFileSizeKB=512000 -s NumberOfLogFiles=15 -s LogRecycle=True