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2 months ago

Unable to restore Windows backup data to CIFS Share using Linux Media Servers

We are trying to restore a Windows client files to a UNC Path but we are getting the following error: WIN32 5: Access is denied

I have tried using the same Windows client as "Destination Client", and changed the NetBackup Client Services logon account to use an account that have access to the UNC Path but I still get the same error.
It seems to create the folders/directories but not the files.
I have tried using a different destination client but got the same results. I also changed the NetBackup Client services logon account.

Also, our NetBackup servers (Primary, Media servers) are LINUX. I'm using a NetBackup Admin Console GUI from a Windows host to perform the restore.

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  • To restore files to a UNC path successfully, we need to make sure the NetBackup client service's logon account has the following privileges:

        1.  The account is in the local admin group(if it is a domain user, it should be in domain admin group too);

        2.  The account is the owner of the file that needs to be restored.

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      thanks for your reply, so if I run a new backups using the account as NetBackup client service's logon account, that would make the account owner of those files, correct? 

  • I changed the NetBackup services logon account and ran a new backup.
    Tried using the same account as a "SERVICE_USER" in the Linux Media server but It doesnt seems to work for all NetBackup services.

    Tried another restore and it failed, so I'm not sure if the issue is with the account used in the Linux Media Server (since the services are running as root) or if there is something else.

  • Are you doing the Backup using the Media Server or a Windows Client?   What is the POLICY type used for the backup?  You need to ensure that you are backing up and restoring using the same operating system..   

    If a Windows system was used for the backup the data stream contains addition security properties, that the unix/linux system cant process, so you can not restore MS_WINDOWS data to a UNC path directly on a UNIX client.  You would need to mount the UNC path on a WINDOWS client and then restore through it.