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6 years ago

Veritas support for Azure Archive

Anyone knows when will NetBackup support the Archive feature in Azure cloud. I was just reading this forum but no details (CEP-4793) NetBackup support for Azure Archive.

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  • sksujeet 

    I assume that you are referring to this URL?

    As far as new features are concerned - Veritas will unfortunately not publish roadmap info in a public forum. 

    What I can tell you is that 'Azure Archive using the ARCHIVE storage tier' is currently in BETA testing. 

    You may want to register on the VxBeta beta site:

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      From my understanding going to Azure Archive is not supported by Cloud Catalyst and won't in the near future if ever. However, the BETA is testing sending nondeduped data to Azure Archive which should be included in the 8.2 NetBackup release sometime in May possibly. 

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      Marianne/Krutons : Ya i thought of asking as it's been some time they are testing it but no update till now. Some of the other product like CommVault are much ahead in this as they are already providing the Azure archive and other features.