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8 years ago

VM backup runs twice...second attempt fails with error code 25.

Every night we have a VM backup that fails with error code 25 (it shows up on a consecutive failure report from OpsCenter). I just realized that 2 backups are being submitted for the VM. The first runs successfully, the second errors out. The policy is a query-based policy, and all other VMs that are included complete successfully, and only run once. I ran nbdiscover to see if perhaps there is a "bad" vm with the same displayname that is being included, but only one instance of that host appears when I run the command. Seems like it could be a vmware issue but I thought I'd put it out there to see if anyone else has experienced this anomoly.

We are running NBU, media server/vm backup host is Linux server.

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  • by default each VM job trigger 2 jobs. (1 snapshot and 1 backup job) hopefully you have consider this and still seeing 2 backup jobs...

    if yes.. could you post the policy details as well as the activity Moniter details for both backup jobs..


  • 1. "Copy to new" the policy and modify clinet selection to backup only affected client.

    2. Run new policy manually. This will exclude possible issue with query-based selection and an issue because of load on ESX hosts when several VMs create snapshots.

    3. If  backup still fails just use the technote to troubleshoot.

    4. If backup works fine then you have some options :)

  • What is the content of the query?  Is it possible you're hitting two matching criteria?  I've never seen that before, but would start troubleshooting the same way as the previous poster.