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7 years ago

Failure alerts for specific clients

How can I setup alerting for specific job failures i.e. from a specific client.

I currently use OpsCenter Analytics for reporting & alerting; but the alerts are for all clients, how can I limit alerts for only a sub-set of clients on backup failures only.

Can this be achieved via opscenter or does it have to be done on a per client basis using BLAT on Windows?

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      Simon78 try this query:

      SELECT networkName as 'Master Server',
      max(UTCBigIntToNomTime(domain_Job.startTime)) as 'Start Time',
      clientName as 'Client Name',
      policyName as "Policy Name",
      statusCode as "Status Code"
      FROM domain_Job,domain_MasterServer,lookup_jobtype
      WHERE = domain_Job.masterserverId
      and domain_Job.scheduleName not like '%hour'
      and domain_Job.scheduleName not like '%ERROR'
      and domain_Job.scheduleName != 'online'
      and = 'Backup'
      and statusCode not in (0,1) and policyName NOT LIKE 'SLP_%' and type IN (0,22,28)
      AND DATEDIFF(day,UTCBigIntToNomTime(startTime), GETDATE()) <= 1
      group by "Client Name","Status Code","Master Server","Policy Name"
      order by networkName,clientName ASC