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8 years ago

backup and restore to different hardware ?

Hi All,

I've got a small server that I want to migrate to bigger specs as below:

  • Server 1 - Production:
    HP DL 360 G5
    C:\ - 70 GB used out of 72 GB total capacity
    D:\ - 145.9 GB used out of 146 GB total capacity
  • Server 2 - Spare server no OS installed:
    HP DL 380 G5
    C:\ - 72 GB total capacity
    D:\ - 300 GB total capacity


What's the steps and the procedure so that I can take the image backup from one server and restore it to another without configuration issue or any problem from Server 1 to Server 2 ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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      Thanks criley,

      I've downloaded the SRD .ISO file already so do I need to download the drivers for both servers into the bootable USB ?

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        You only need drivers for the server that you are restoring to.

        You can either create a custom SRD and include the relevant drivers in that, or just provide the drivers during the restore process (if needed, the SRD will prompt for these during the restore).