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4 years ago

VSR - How can centrally manage without VSR-MS?

After the annouce that VSR 21.3 has discontinued support for VSR-MS.

How can centrally manage diffrents clients in different locations? 

Until now with VSR - MS we could centrally deploy and manage differents clients inn different location. No one has thought the problem we have if there is no a solution that facilitate this management?.

I would appreciate if someone can tell me whether is a new solution that replace VSR - MS for helping the transintion.

Thank you very much.

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  • Dear Luisa,

    VSR Management Solution was based  on the System Management Platform (SMP) von Symantec, now Broadcom. When Veritas got split with Symantec back in 2015 SMP stayed with Symantec. From then on Veritas was not anymore in control of enhancements and release cycles and as we couldn’t guarantee anymore the quality of service and support, Veritas decided to replace SMP with an own-developed solution – VSR Monitor.

    VSR Monitor v2 was released together with Veritas System Recovery 21.3 on the 1st of February 2021.

    VSR Monitor

    • Monitoring up to 1’000 VSR clients
    • Centralized dashboard to monitor the backup-, version- and license status
    • 1 to 1 management
    • Admin-Guide – VSR Monitor

    There are 2 more updates coming this year (August and December 2021) and provide even more capabilities:

    • Adding monitoring for Linux clients
    • Adding management capabilities (adding job,…)


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      Thank you very much for your quick answer.

      So if I understand ok, on Dicember 2021Veritas System Recovery Monitor will be able to manage centrally one VSR server with all their clients (up to 1000) but, Will be possible manage more than one VSR with their respective clients from the dashboard?

      When I speak management, I am refering to deploy agent from the VSR Monitor and change the backup policies, etc...

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        As we talk, our enigneering is already working very hard to acclerate workloads and trying to add enhanced managment capabilities even earlier.

        We are planning to have capabilities to assign, e.g. backup jobs to multipls cleints at the same time, or adding, editing, deleting and running backup jobs in the upcoming version (subject to change) and with every further release to add more capabilities.

        Please stay tuned and ensure to participate in the next BETA.

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      So we have to wait until December to see if the suggested replacement solution is really capable to replace management solution, thats a long time. Don't thnk we can wait that long, we will probably switch to another vendor before.